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Snowboard & Ski Lessons in Les Gets

The largest ski school in Les Gets is ESF, who provide both group lessons and private ski lessons. There are also other ski school too so if you've a preference please just let us know.

The normal arrangement for group lessons is 5 or 6 half day lessons (they are starting on either Sunday or Monday till Fiday). The timing of these changes depending on the time of year.

For all beginners we can arrange the special beginner's liftpass deal when you book a beginners lesson with ESF at the same time as your lift pass. We've also a special beginner's section to help you with your selections. Please see Beginner Skier's Advice

Click here for Adults Ski & Snowboard Lessons

Ski Lessons for Children »

We'll give you a quick run down of how ski lessons for children in Les Gets works, before talking about all the ages groups in detail.

The children's lessons run from ages 3 to age 12. Above that they join in with the adult. We generally use ESF for our ski lessons, though there are other ski schools in Les Gets as well should you have an alternative preference. We find for children (and adults too for that matter) that half day lessons for 5 days of your stay seems to be the most popular option.

With ESF they also offer a childcare system that fits in with there lessons. There's 3 main segments - Kids Club, Lunches and Lessons. You can book whatever combination you like, and they'll arrange all the transitions between. For example you could book morning lessons, lunch, then afternoon kids club. You would drop your child off at the lessons in the morning, then pick them up from the kids club at the end of the day, and they would sort out everything in between.

We would always recommend booking ahead, especially for the school holiday periods where things can book up quickly.

We'll go over all the age categories in a little more detail now.

Ski Lessons - Young Children - Aged 3 & 4

Age 3 is very much a borderline age - you can pick between childcare or ski lessons. If you decide on the ski lessons route then ESF offer their Piou Piou class. This is a mixture of learning to ski and games, both indoor and outdoor. The ski lesson part is more about the children getting used to the experience of skiing, the boots, the skis, walking with the skis on and alike. There's limited amounts of skiing for these young ones.

Age 4 Children join the Ourson class. This is more bias towards the skiing end, though there's still an element of games and there emphasis still lies on introducing this whole idea of skiing to the children. This is in a special area well designed for little ones and well away from other skiers.

For both of the above we find that half days is plenty (in fact for all ages we find that most people think half day lessons is the best).


5-6 half DAYS € 157.00
5-6 half DAYS + LUNCH
(morning lesson + lunch) => 9h - 14h
€ 310.00
(morning lesson + lunch + afternoon childcare) => 9h - 17h
€ 409.00

Children Aged 5 to 13 yrs

This is where the ski lessons are now fully focused on skiing! There are many different levels, and the instructors are very good to re-arrange the groups over the first few days of children's ski lessons to group everyone at similar levels. Again we find half day skiing lessons seem to work best for most kids learning to ski.

Age 3, never skied before Piou-Piou
Age 4, never skied before or have done Piou Piou Ourson
Age 5+, never skied before Children's Beginners
Age 5+, have done Ourson Children's Flocons
Can snowplough on green runs and can take drag lifts 1st Etoile
Finish turns on blue runs with a small skid 2nd Etoile
Starting to ski parallel on blue and red runs, can control skidding 3rd Etoile
Can ski parallel, can do short radius turns on red and some black runs Etoile de Bronze
Want to improve technique (parallels, short radius turns, small jumps) Etoile d'Or
Want to refine technique and start to learn giant and special slalom Graine de Champion
Can ski all runs, all snow, all terrain Competition Class or any courses


5-6 half DAYS € 142.00
5-6 half DAYS + LUNCH
(morning lesson + lunch) => 9h - 14h
€ 295.00
(morning lesson + lunch + afternoon childcare) => 9h - 17h
€ 385.00

Kids Snowboarding

Outside the school holidays snowboarding lessons are only available for children 13 yrs and above only.

During the school holidays then snowboarding lessons start at 7 yrs old. There are children's lessons for 7 - 12 yr old, then 13 yrs + go with the adults.

This is based on the French school holiday dates, which is 17th - 30th of December 2016 and 4th Feb - 3th March 2017

Prices for 7 - 12 yr olds : € 151.00

>> Ski Lessons for Adults (ages 13 yrs +)

Group Levels

Complete Beginner Beginners Class
Snowplough turns on green run, take drag lifts Class 1
Finish turns with skis parallel, know how to skid Class 2
Starting to ski parallel on blue and red runs and control skidding Class 3
Ski parallel on all runs Class 4
(includes off piste)

Price : 155.00 €

Snowboard Lessons in Les Gets (ages 13 yrs +, all together)

Snowboard group lessons are for adults and children aged 10 yrs + all together. The timing and length of the lessons varies throughout the winter, so the prices change accordingly.

Group Levels

Complete Beginner Snowboard Beginners
Link turns at moderate speed on blue runs, can take drag lifts 1st Snowboard
Link turns at good speed on red runs, starting jumping 2nd Snowboard
Off piste, jumps, bumps and black runs are no problem 3rd Snowboard
"Steep and Fast!" Snowboard Expert


  In School Holidays Outside School Holidays
Beginners € 176.00
(afternoons only - 3h)
€ 157.00
(mornings only - 2h30)
All other levels € 206.00
(mornings only - 3h30)
€ 157.00
(mornings only - 2h30)

School Holidays is based on the French school holiday dates, which are 17th - 30th of December and 4th Feb - 3th March

>> Private Ski Lessons

We are able to book the below types of private lessons with ESF for you. For any other private lessons you would need to contact ESF Les Gets directly. You can also find all the other options for ski schools in Les Gets here (just click the section about ski lessons).

Please note the times and prices for ski lessons varies over the winter.

From 25/12/2016 to 30/12/2016

Hours Min. Booking Length Max No. People Price / Day
All Day 1 day Up to 6 people €344.00
2 hours (9am-11am, 11.15am-1.15pm, 2.45pm-4.45pm) 5 days Up to 3 people €114.00

February School Holidays (05/02/2017 to 03/03/2017)

Hours Min. Booking Length Max No. People Price / Day
All Day 1 day Up to 6 people €403.00
2 hours (9am-11am, 11.15am-1.15pm) 5 days Up to 3 people €126.00
2 hours 15 mins (2.45pm-5pm) 5 days Up to 3 people €133.00

Rest of the Ski Season 2015 - 2016

Hours Min. Booking Length Max No. People Price / Day
All Day 1 day Up to 6 people €344.00
2.5 hours (10am-12.30pm) 1 day Up to 3 people €142.00
2.5 hours (2pm-4.30pm) 1 day Up to 3 people €110.00


Additional people (above the Max No. People) are charged at €10 per hour per person.

>> Beginner Skiers & Snowboarders Discounted Passes!

If you book group lessons with ESF for either adults beginners, or children's beginners or class 1, then we can arrange the special lift pass and lesson deal to get you discounted lift passes. This applies both to ski and snowboard lessons. These are local area lift passes

  • Adult (16yrs+) discounted beginner lift pass - €125.00
  • Children (5 yrs - 15 yrs) discounted beginner lift pass - €75.00


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