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Les Gets, France, in winter
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What's the best time of year to Ski in Les Gets, France?

This is one of those questions that we get a lot, so we thought we'd throw our 2 pence worth in on the subject. Everyone has their own idea of their perfect ski holiday, so why not pick the time of year to match? Have a read through and if you've any questions about the timing of your chalet holiday please just get in touch.

Ski Holidays Before Christmas:

Very quiet, very cheap, you take your chances with snow depth though. They often only do partial openings of the ski area being that it's so quiet. If you've a free week then keep an eye on the forecasts, if the snow's looking good in the French Alps then you can do a last minute booking to catch a wonderful bonus week at a great rate!

Christmas & New Year Skiing

Christmas is normally much quieter than new year so if you've the choice of the two for your ski holidays then I'd say ski Christmas in Les Gets. They make a big effort here for Christmas skiing, with the whole village being that wonderful picture postcard alpine scene if you are looking for a magical family holiday it could be a week worth looking at.

More about Les Gets Christmas Chalet Holidays

January Skiing

My personal favourite time of year! It's the quietest of main season, the coldest (so best quality of snow) and also the cheapest of main season too. I can't find a downside myself.....

February Skiing

Best snow depth normally being mid-way through the season. Look out for school holidays though, half term is very busy as are the french school holidays. Again if you've the option to avoid the main half term time then I'd take it!

March Skiing

The days are lengthening, the sun shines (I can't promise that, but normally anyway!) A great time of year for those looking to explore. You can ski from valley to valley, village to village, enjoying the slopes and taking some time on a sun-bathed terrace of a mountain restaurant to enjoy the views. Ahhhhhhh. In my non-qualified opinion we often seem to get a big dump of snow in late March, I've had some of my best skiing then.

April Skiing

The end of season arrives. It's warm, it's sunny, and it's very relaxed. The ski resort is quiet, you have the run of the pistes. not a time of year for powder hounds or die hard skiers, the off-pistes is sticky and heavy unless we've a really cold snap and the pistes can go soft later on in the day. Popular time of year for those with young children learning to ski looking for the sun and warmth, and for those looking to relax in the alpine sun, do some skiing, some walking, some booking reading in the sun.....


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