Family children in Les Gets Family children in Les Gets

Les Gets for Families Les Gets for Kids and Families.

Les Gets is the dream ski resort for families. The whole village is geared around families and those travelling with children, so the facilities for kids ski holidays are excellent. Take for example the way the ski lessons and childcare are all organised together including all the taking to lessons, lunches and picking up afterwards. Or the designated children's sledging area. Or the section of the mountain for children only! No matter what level your children ski at you'll find Les Gets a great place for family skiing.

  • Great Ski Schools
  • Kids-only Piste
  • Ideal for Beginners
  • 1 hour from Geneva
  • Ice Rink & Tobogganing
  • Children's Menus
  • Spacious Chalets
  • Childcare Available

FamillePlus Accreditation

Les Gets Ski Resort has the FamillePlus accreditation. This is a national standard in France, where the resort in question has to meet certain criteria. We are one of the accredited accommodation suppliers in Les Gets.

To get the FamillePlus accreditation the resort, and us as your accommodation supplier, have to meet the six main commitments:

  • A personal welcome for families
  • Entertainment suitable for all ages
  • From the youngest to the oldest: price to suit everyone
  • Activities for children and adults to for holiday time together or separately
  • All shops and services on hand
  • Children looked after by professionals
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FamillePlus are keen to hear your experiences and suggestions:

Why kids love a Les Gets family ski holiday

An Area of the Mountain Just for Children

A great example of Les Gets' dedication to children's skiing is Le Grand Cry. This is an area of the mountain for children only. It's theme is trappers and Indians, with giant snakes eggs and totem poles adorning it's gentle runs. There are 2 lifts and several ski runs in this section which means your children can learn in peace away from the main ski runs.

Children's Only Ski Area Le Grand Cry Les Gets

Children's Sledging Area

There's an area at the bottom of the slopes in the village that's a children's sledging area. It has an inflatable tube all the way around to separate it from the skiing areas. If you've not brought your sledge then most of the hire shops both sell and rent out sledges.

Children sledging in Les Gets

There are 5 designated sledging slopes in the Les Gets

  • Vieux-Chêne : about 50m of slope / from 2 to 6 yrs
  • Chavannes : about 50m of slope / from 4 to 6 yrs
  • Perrières : 100 m of slope / children over 6yrs
  • Lac des Ecoles : about 40m of slope / from 2 to 5 yrs
  • Le Carry : about 25 m of slope / from 2 to 5 yrs

Please note: sledging is prohibited in the ski area at any time, day or night.. Also don't forget to wear a helmet.

Skiing Attractions, if you can catch them....

Skiing Father Christmas appears in Les Gets at a certain time of year, handing out sweets to any lucky children skiing nearby! Later on in the winter you'll see the skiing Milka cow who again skies around Les Gets giving out chocolate!

You'll also find that all the events the village put on are very child-friendly. The weekly welcome to the village meeting has a torchlight parade followed by free hot chocolate for the younger ones (and free vin chaud for the grown-ups.)

Christmas time in Les Gets for Kids
Ice Skating in les Gets Ice Rink

Ice Skating Rink

There is an ice skating rink is in the very centre of Les Gets village for the winter season and has become the natural focal point. It's open every day including in the evenings when it is floodlit and is very popular with children. You can rent the ice skates for all ages at the rink and have lots of fun on the ice.

children sledging on a Les Gets family chalet holiday children sledging on a Les Gets family chalet holiday

The kids were fantastically catered for, and for the adults it was even better...

Neil Via Tripadvisor

Childcare options in Les Gets

Infants aged 2 or Under

Children's ski lessons start from aged 3. For those younger than that there's two main options for childcare:

The Local Nursery - Les Fripouilles

The Nursery in Les Gets is handily located close to the ski school, so the one drop off run does children of all ages. It is open 9am until 5pm, Sunday to Friday. You can make reservations for either whole days or half days, and the half days can either be long half days including lunchtime, or shorter ones not including lunch time.

To book ahead you need to book the whole week normally. If you want just a few ad-hoc sessions this can be arranged in resort, but only if they have availability. We'd always advise you book ahead, and generally we find they only have space for ad-hoc bookings outside of school holidays, and still the odd week there will also be full.

We always try to help you with booking as much as possible. With the nursery though they do much prefer to talk to the parents directly, they don't like 2nd hand information via us. To book you can contact them on +33 4 50 75 80 80, +33 4 50 75 80 99 or +33 4 50 92 92 72. You can also email We find though that out of season they can take a while to respond, and please do try all the phone numbers. If you are having no luck please do contact us and we'll try to chase them from our end too.

Private Nannies who come to the chalet

There are also British companies that provide private nannies who come to the chalet to look after your little ones. We think this is a conclusive list of all the companies who offer childcare in Les Gets (though please do let us know if we've missed someone and we'll gladly add you!)

Cheeky Monkeys, Childcare in Morzine.

Cheeky Monkeys

We've only ever heard great things about this service, though it is a much more expensive option for childcare in Les Gets.

  • Morzine
  • +33(0)61612 2880
  • Email
View Website
Jack Frosts Childcare in Portes du Soleil

Jack Frosts

A well established childcare company serving Les Gets, they offer childcare from babies to primary school age children.

  • Portes du Soleil
  • +3376831 6409
  • Email
View Website
Morzine Kids, Nanny Services in Portes du Soleil

Morzine Kids

Morzine Kids offer professional and fun childcare services in Morzine, Les Gets and surrounding areas.

  • Portes Du Soleil
  • +44(0)203287 4588
  • Email
View Website
Alpine Resort Nannies

Alpine Resort Nannies

Run by Helen & Fleur, this childcare company has a range of options including whole day, half day, and ski school pickups.

  • Portes du Soleil
  • +33(0)68406 4098
  • Email
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Babysitting in Les Gets

Theses companies offer evening baby sitting in Les Gets. You can expect to pay around 15 Euro per hour.

Children with ski instructor in Les Gets Children with ski instructor in Les Gets

Ski school was wonderful and the standard of the child care facilities and carers was excellent...

Rowhall via TripAdvisor

Children's Ski Lessons in Les Gets

We'll give you a quick run down of how ski lessons for children in Les Gets works, before talking about all the ages groups in detail.

The children's lessons run from ages 3 to age 13. Above that they join in with the adult. We generally use ESF for our children's ski lessons, though there are other ski schools in Les Gets as well should you have an alternative preference. We find with children (and adults too for that matter) that half day lessons for 5 days of your stay seems to be the most popular option.

The great benefit with ESF is they also offer a childcare system that fits in with their lessons. There's 3 main segments - Kids Club, Lunches and Lessons. You can book whatever combination you like, and they'll arrange all the transitions between. For example you could book morning lessons, lunch, then afternoon kids club. You would drop your child off at the lessons in the morning, then pick them up from the kids club at the end of the day, and they would sort out everything in between.

We would always recommend booking ahead, especially for the school holiday periods where things can book up quickly.

We'll go over all the age categories in a little more detail now.

Age 3 is very much a borderline age - you can pick between childcare or ski lessons. If you decide on the ski lessons route then ESF offer their Piou Piou (Little Bird) class. This is a mixture of learning to ski and games, both indoor and outdoor. The ski lesson part is more about the children getting used to the experience of skiing, the boots, the skis, walking with the skis on and alike. There's limited amounts of skiing for these young ones.

Age 4 Children join the "Ourson" (Bear Cub) class. This is more biased towards the skiing end, though there's still an element of games and the emphasis still lies on introducing the whole idea of skiing to the children. This is in a special area well designed for little ones and well away from other skiers.

For both of the above we find that half days is plenty (in fact for all ages we find that most people think half day lessons is the best).

Prices 2017 Children Aged 3 - 4 yrs

5-6 HALF DAYS € 159.00
(morning lesson + lunch) => 9h - 14h
€ 316.00
(morning lesson + lunch + afternoon childcare) => 9h - 17h
€ 417.00

This is where the ski lessons are now fully focused on skiing! There are many different levels, and the instructors are very good to re-arrange the groups over the first few days of children's ski lessons to group everyone at similar levels. Again we find half day skiing lessons seem to work best for most kids learning to ski.

Prices 2017 Children Aged 5 - 13 yrs

5-6 HALF DAYS € 144.00
(morning lesson + lunch) => 9h - 14h
€ 301.00
(morning lesson + lunch + afternoon childcare) => 9h - 17h
€ 392.00

Children's Snowboard Lessons in Les Gets

Snowboard group lessons for children up to 12 yrs.

Prices Children Aged 7 - 12 yrs *

5-6 HALF DAYS € 153.00

* Available during French school holidays only ( 23rd Dec 2017 - 05th Jan 2018 and 10th Feb 2018 - 9th March 2018 ). There are children's lessons for 7 - 12 yr old. 13 yrs + go with the adults. Outside the school holidays snowboarding lessons are only available for children 13 yrs and above.

Les Gets for Families Video:

What we love about Les Gets for Families...

  • Great ski schools with range of children's ski lessons
  • Well organised childcare that matches ski lesson timetable
  • Le Grand Cry - a kids-only area of the mountain, including lifts
  • Family-orientated village, relaxed and friendly
  • The Milka run & Skiing Father Christmas
  • Separate tobogganing area for kids
  • Perfect terrain for learning to ski - lots of gentle slopes
  • Outdoor ice rink!

Free Children's lift passes!

Available Christmas Week and 1 - 21 April 2018

The lift pass office are doing a great offer for family skiing. From 1st of April, with each adult full area lift pass you buy you get a child's pass (11 yrs and under) for free! This is especially great as it actually works out cheaper to get a full area lift pass (with free child under 12) than it does to get a local area adult and child pass. We can arrange this for you, please just let us know if you'd like us to get these passes and we'll get everything sorted for you.

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