Chalet Staff from Mountain and Tradition

About Mountain and Tradition

Who Are we? What do we do? What's it like to work with us? Your questions answered here.

Welcome! A Few Introductions first...

Meet Raph, Jana and Leo

We are Raph and Jana, and we run Mountain & Tradition. We live here in Les Gets year round. Raph is a Les Gets local, and is the head chef of the company. Jana grew up in Estonia, before meeting Raph when they were both working in Dublin, and Jana looks after the customer service end of the business. They moved back from Dublin to Les Gets in 2008 to start their own chalet company, and 10 years later Mountain and Tradition is going from strength to strength.

We are very passionate about the products we produce, and are already looking forward to meeting our new team for this winter. We hope you would like to join that team. As always please do just ask if you've any questions about us, the company or the jobs.

A Small, Friendly Company

We are here all year round and run our company hands on. You'll be working with us directly in all areas of what we do.

We are here to work with you, and offer training and support throughout your time. For those with a passion for cooking, or hoping to make a career as a chef, then working with Raphael could be a great step. One of the best chefs in the Alps, Raphael has worked across Europe including in the 2 Michelin starred Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud in Dublin.

Our Products & Services

Our company offers two different products: catered chalets and meal deliveries. We are though one company and lots of our positions are involved in both

Catered Chalets is our catered chalet brand, with both luxury and mid-range properties all in Les Gets. We offer a range of holidays including short breaks and speciality solos holidays.

Food Deliveries

Our second brand is, which offers meal deliveries to chalets and apartments across a range of ski resorts in the area.

Chef Raphael in our central kitchen

One Central Kitchen

We have one central industrial kitchen, which is involved in production for both our catered chalets and meal delivery businesses. Our chefs are involved in both businesses, and the menus are designed with overlap for ease of production. The main work of meal production is done in this kitchen, before the chalet hosts in the individual chalets add the finishing touches and serve.

What we expect of you

Take Pride in your work

We are looking for people to take pride in their work. Those who take satisfaction in a job well done, no matter if it's a job big or small. We are looking for those who can not only maintain our standards but help improve them.

Responsibility & Take your Work Seriously

We are all here because we love being in the mountains, and we want you to enjoy yourself here too. We've worked hard to design enjoyable roles that give you good ski time and an enjoyable work too. Whilst we are at work though we expect everyone to take their role seriously. This is not a holiday, and we'd expect all our staff to approach their work in a dedicated and professional manner.

To be Driven and Flexible

As a small company you may be involved in lots of different aspects of the business. You don't need huge experience, but you do need to be enthusiastic to learn and have a will to get stuck into all areas. Being part of a small company is great fun. There can be a lot of different challenges popping up and we are looking for people who enjoy getting stuck into everything, for those with a can-do attitude who can think on their feet.

This needs to be right for you too...

We need this to be right for everyone - we want to be happy with you, but we also want you to be happy with us. We've put time and effort in to provide lots of information for you, so hopefully you can make an informed decision on if these positions are right for you. That said though please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions. We are happy to chat through anything, warts and all, so please do just get in touch if there's anything you'd like to discuss first before applying.

Positions Available with Us for the winter

Couples & individuals, first timers and experienced people are all very welcome to apply, we'd love to hear from you all. Please just click on the ski job that appeals to find out more about the role, the package, and how to apply.

We will be advertising for 2019-2020 roles soon. Please watch this space :)