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Please also download and read our Company Ethic Agreement before applying.

The full job description is also available to download as a pdf.

Introduction to the Role

You will be provided with a full week of training alongside our head chef. Your responsibilities will include cooking food for our food delivery service and for our chalet guests in our commercial kitchen (which is not a customer facing).

You will have the assistance of our head chef on a daily basis, but you will be solely responsible for the tasks that are assigned to you.

Our kitchen works in 3 different shifts. Each week you’ll spend 2 days on morning shift, 2 days on day shift and 2 days on evening shift.

Job Description

You will be working alongside our head chef, who will oversee your duties, in our professional kitchen.

You will be able to provide an excellent level of food, in keeping with our standards.

You will work in different sections of our kitchen, including savoury cold, savoury warm and pastry.

Each working week will consist of 6 working days. Each working day will consist of 1 shift. Per week: You will work 2 morning shifts (from 6/7am), 2 afternoon shifts and 2 evening shifts (up to 12pm/2am).

Your working week, throughout the ski season, will vary but on average it will work out at 40 hours.

Certain weeks, during the ski season, will be busier than others:

What we expect from you

What you can expect from us

Please also download and read our Company Ethic Agreement before applying.

It is our responsibility as managers (Jana & Raph)...

We are committed to...

Salary and Package

Selection Criteria

How to Apply

Once you've picked your role then we'd love to hear from you. There'll be plenty of opportunity for questions along the way, but please don't hesitate to get in touch if you've some questions you'd like to ask before starting the recruitment processes. Once you've decided it's time to apply then our recruitment process is as follows

Step 1: Online Application Form

To begin, please complete the online application form here. If you are applying as a couple or a pair, please submit a separate application form for each applicant.

Step 2: Video Introduction

The next step is a few questions that we'll send over by email. If you could make a little video introducing yourself and answering these questions, then send that back to us.

Step 3: Skype Interview

That'll be a Skype interview with us, Jana and Raph.

Step 4: Reference Checks

If you could give us the phone numbers of 2 references during or before the Skype interview. We only do reference checks by phone, please do not provide written references.

Recruitment Timescales

We do our recruitment in batches at the start of each calendar month. On the 1st day of each month we review the applications from the previous month, shortlist and would be in touch. The following stages will follow quickly from there, with everything wrapped up within a week or so.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you've an questions or would like to chat through any aspect of the jobs before deciding whether one of our positions is right for you.