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We have made it easier for you to cancel.

Because nobody can predict the future.

Nobody ever wants to cancel a ski holiday. But sometimes it's unavoidable. That's why we have introduced our new flexible pricing system to make it easier for you to change your plans if you have to.

When you book a winter holiday with us, there are two price options to choose from: Saver and FlexiPlus. Saver gives you the best possible price. FlexiPlus gives you more flexibility and security in case you need to cancel.

Saver Price

Best for Price
  • Designed for the best possible price
  • Same in-resort experience as FlexiPlus
  • Deposit is non-refundable
  • 10% refundable 3 - 30 days before arrival

FlexiPlus Price

Best for Security & Flexibility
  • Designed to offer peace of mind
  • Same in-resort experience as Saver
  • 100% refundable (inc. deposit) up to 30 days before
  • 60% refundable 3 - 30 days before arrival
  • Holiday costs 10% more than Saver price
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The boring bit

It is a requirement for all bookings that all guests have holiday insurance which includes cancellation cover. If you cancel your holiday for any reason (including force majeure) a cancellation charge may be due. For further details about force majeure events, please see our terms and conditions. The cancellation charge varies depending on the length of notice which is given for the cancellation, as well as which pricing option you chose at the time of booking.

Cancellation charges are specified in the table below.
Notice of cancellation (days before arrival date) Cancellation charge % of total holiday cost
Saver FlexiPlus
60 or more 40% 0%
30 to 59 60% 0%
3 to 29 90% 40%
Less than 3 days 100% 100%

If you do not make the payments by their due dates or do not arrive in resort or at the airport (as applicable), your holiday will be cancelled without notice and the above charges will apply. In such cases, we would make every effort to contact you and would only cancel without notice if we were unable to contact you.

If you cancel your holiday at less than 8 days' notice, you may still be liable for any third-party services which you have booked through us, including but not limited to airport transfers and snowsports lessons. Please ensure your insurance covers cancellation of your holiday for any reason.

Before you book, please read our Terms and Conditions.