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Items for travel to a summer holiday during the Covid-19 pandemic

Summer Covid 19 Information Page

We have made it easier for you to cancel

Because nobody can predict the future

Nobody ever wants to cancel their mountain holiday. But sometimes it's unavoidable. That's why we've created our market-leading FlexiPlus Cancellation Policy, all included in our standard prices. Travel insurance companies are now covering some COVID-19 scenarios but not all. You can now book with confidence knowing that we have your back should things change and you need to postpone or cancel your holiday.

These terms apply to any holiday starting 1st May 2021 and after. Complete financial peace of mind, for you and your whole family, even in the times of Covid-19.

Complete Financial Peace of Mind

Market Leading FlexiPlus Cancellation Policy, included in our Standard Prices

The terms and flexibility included in our standard prices are market leading, giving you the complete peace of mind that your money is secure and you can book with confidence.

Our FlexiPlus Cancellation Policy:Please select your holiday start date

Please note you need to let us know you wish to cancel in all scenarios. You'll find the full details on our terms and conditions page.

I have amazing travel insurance and don't need these protections

Well, that is amazing travel insurance! No problems, we've planned for that too. The above FlexiPlus Cancellation Policy is included in our Standard prices. You can also book our non-refundable Saver prices which do not include the FlexiPlus Cancellation Policy. That is 10% cheaper but doesn't include any of the protections. Please see our page on pricing options for more details.

How to get Cover for personal / party member specific travel restrictions

Our FlexiPlus Cancellation Policy is designed to cover you when governments put any of these covid-19 related travel restrictions in place for everyone. It does not cover you if you, or a party member, cannot travel due to being a close contact or displaying covid-19 symptoms, either before your holiday or in resort. Travel insurance companies are now offering such products and please make sure your travel insurance will cover you for these situations.

What else we are doing to help

We reduced our deposit

For all our guests, whichever winter package they book, we reduced our deposit amount from 40% to our lowest ever level at just 25%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 15th December 2021

Are there special cleaning procedures in place in the company?

Yes. We allow enough time during changeover, so we can deep clean and disinfect the chalet. We also regularly disinfect the commonly touched items throughout your stay in our catered chalets such as door handles, light switches and stair banisters.

Do I need to bring my own hand sanitiser?

We have hand sanitisers in all our chalets. We recommend bringing a small bottle with you though for when you are out of the chalet.

Can I wash my mask in the chalet?

Yes, all our properties have access to a washing machine.

Are there government rules specifying a maximum amount of people allowed in the chalet or minimum space per person?

No, there are no such regulations in France. Our chalets are classed as private spaces. The French government does not have any restrictions in private residences.

Can I get contaminated out and about in the resort?

Yes, this is possible. Most of the public places, such as restaurants and bars, are following the protocols and recommendations from the French health authorities, though later on especially in bars social distancing can be less respected.

What happens if I get contaminated during my stay?

As per French regulations, you would need to self-isolate in your room, and we'll accommodate you with meal deliveries. Please note that we won't be able to extend your stay, or offer you an alternative accommodation.

I'm worried about flying. What can I do instead?

Les Gets is only a 9 hr drive from Calais, and it's all motorway until the last 30 minutes. All our chalets have parking. Please see our Getting to Les Gets page for more details about driving to Les Gets.

How can I find out more about what you are doing as a company?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch by phone or email with any questions, we'd be glad to help.

Our top 3 recommendations:

What is Les Gets resort doing?

The sanitary and barrier measures are still in force in Les Gets resort. Following a series of new measures to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, you must present a Health Pass to access certain public areas including (but not limited to):

Health Pass requirements for skiing

It has not yet been confirmed if a health pass will be required for skiing. It is possible that a health pass might be required to access certain / all ski lifts, and to join ski lessons. Please see the official Les Gets Covid page here for the latest information

Mountain Biking in Les Gets

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