Head Chef Raphael

Chalet Catering

Cooking is not only about the recipe, but looking for the best ingredients at the right time of the year, respecting them when you cook and serving them simply, in context and for everybody...

— Head Chef Raphael

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What sort of food should you expect?

Here are some sample menus to give you an idea of what you can expect if you choose to go catered this summer.

Sample Evening Menu 1

Sample Evening Menu 2

Sample Evening Menu 3

Catered Self-Catered Meal Deliveries

Prices for the Catered Package

Prices for the Self-Catered Package

Option 3: Meal Deliveries

About meal deliveries

This summer, we're teaming up with Chalet Kitchen to provide the ultimate in convenience and value: freshly prepared, restaurant-quality meals delivered to you at your chalet. The evening meal is two delicious garnished courses. All you have to do is pop the main dish in the oven, serve and enjoy.

There are many flexible options available and you can click here to find out more. But to give you just an idea of how affordable this option can be, check out these evening meal prices. Keep in mind that children go half price.

Indicative Meal Delivery Prices

No. of Adults Price Per adult per night
2 €25
3 €24
4 €23
5 €22
6 €21
7 €20
8 €19
9 €18
10 €17
11+ €16

Tell us what works for you

This package is really flexible so these prices are intended just to give you an idea of what good value it represents. For full details, please just let us know your exact requirements (number of people, number of nights, breakfast add-on etc.)