Advanced Mountain Biking in Les Gets
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Mountain Bike Les Gets

World-Class Mountain Biking in Les Gets

Serious Mountain Biking

Les Gets is one of the places "to do" for any serious mountain biker. Home to past world cups, and in 2012 it's yet again hosting the French National Mountain Bike Championships, the facilities here are some of the best in Europe.

There's plenty of variety to suit all styles and taste around Les Gets and the whole Portes du Soleil (the Portes du Soleil is the name for the larger are that Les Gets is part of).

There's challenging downhill tracks to push the most advanced riders, all lift accessible too. For the cross-country rider then the giant Portes do Soleil circuits are idea - you can go resort to resort, riding into Switzerland an back, on a giant system of planned and graded tracks.

In Les Gets alone there is:

  • 80kms of marked tracks including:
    • 12 down hill routes
    • 1 free ride
    • 6 cross country trails
  • Jump park (3 ha)
  • Mini Jump Park
  • Northshore Zone
  • 4-cross trail
  • Kids Zone
  • Coaching track by Fabien Bare
  • Freestyle airbag
  • Chrono Park

This is just in the Les Gets section alone - your lift pass covers the whole Portes du Soleil - another 13 resorts as well on top of this!

Mountain Bike Les Gets

Cross Country Mountain Biking

Cross Country Portes du Soleil

For the cross country mountain biker then Portes du Soleil Tour is a must-do ride. At around 90kms long, the very enthusiastic can do this ride in a day, though splitting it over two might be a more popular alternative. The route is open from the 29th June until 9th September, and routes through many of the 12 villages that make up the Portes du Soleil.

There are 12 lifts planned into the route, meaning that up spend most of your time riding downhill. Indeed the full loop gives you 7000m of decent fro only 1000m of ascent. There are routes though back uphill if you'd rather ride than take the lift up the hill.

For more information on the route please see:

Les Gets Airline Track:

Summer Activities in Les Gets: