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Woman standing still on Mountain Bike she got from Les Gets Bike Hire

Les Gets Bike Hire Bike Rental in Les Gets - the MTB Paradise

We have partnered with PUREXPERIENCE, Delavay Sport, and its sister company L'Atelier - to bring our guests a complete range of Les Gets bike hire options. Delavay Sports and PUREXPERIENCE specialise in downhill mountain biking, where L'Atelier has high quality road, electric and all-mountain bikes. Please note the bike hire prices are the exact same as renting directly from the hire shops.


PUREXPERIENCE offers a wide range of electric and muscle bikes for all types of riding (cross-country, enduro, downhill), alone or in pairs, with family or in groups, and adapted to all levels (from beginner to advanced). The shop is run by a team of professionals who are passionate about what they do and have years of experience in the mountains. The equipment is of a very high standard and the team is always available to assist you with any questions about any of the hire items.

PUREXPERIENCE is one of the few sports shops in Les Gets that places being environmentally responsible at the heart of everything it does. Proudly a member of the global movement 1% FOR THE PLANET, PUREXPERIENCE donates 1% of its turnover to projects that protect and restore the environment. All the brands and suppliers that PUREXPERIENCE works with, have been chosen for their commitment to the environment, hence we have partnered with them.

Please note that all the hire prices below don't include a protective pack :

EAV (Electric MTB)

The Electric Adventure Vehicle (VAE in French) is an electric mountain bike that has a battery and an electric motor. The motor only works when you are pedalling, as a 'power assist'.

Enduro EAV:

  • Half-day: €63.00
  • Full day: €81.00
  • Two days: €144.00
  • Six days: €441.00

All Mountain EAV:

  • Half-day: €54.00
  • Full day: €72.00
  • Two days: €130.50
  • Six days: €387.00

Junior EAV:

  • Half-day: €45.00
  • Full day: €63.00
  • Two days: €112.50
  • Six days: €351.00

Downhill MTB

Downhill MTB (VTT in French) have enhanced frames and full suspension, typically with about 7 inches of travel. They're heavy, beefy and geared for descents, not really made for climbing.

Downhill MTB:

  • Half-day: €63.00
  • Full day: €81.00
  • Two days: €144.00
  • Six days: €441.00


Enduro bikes are a light, more versatile downhill mountain bike as they have a light carbon fibre frame.

Enduro MTB:

  • Half-day: €63.00
  • Full day: €81.00
  • Two days: €144.00
  • Six days: €441.00

Children MTB

We also have mountain bikes for children so they can get to know this activity. Versatile bikes as well as the whole range of protective gear to safely learn the basics.


  • Half-day: €45.00
  • Full day: €63.00
  • Two days: €112.50
  • Six days: €351.00


  • Half-day: €18.00
  • Full day: €27.00
  • Two days: €45.00
  • Six days: €135.00

Delavay Sport

Located right next to the bottom of the chair lift, Delavay Sports has knowledgeable and friendly staff to ensure guests are ready for their biking holiday. Delavay Sports offer mountain biking gear, mountain biking repair and control services to keep guests gear in tip top condition. There is also the possibility to 'try before buy' with some of the mountain biking gear.

Delavay offers the following items for hire. They also can provide all the protective items people need such as elbow/knee pads, helmets and breastplates. Please contact us for prices & availability.

L’Atelier Ski & Bike hire

L’Atelier Specialises in road, electric bikes and enduro mountain bikes. L’Atelier offer a wide range of long trip or performance race road bikes. They have a team of experienced experts that can ensure the guests have the best bike adapted to their level and preferences. The range includes carbon or aluminium frames (carbon frames are lighter), varied wheel weight and different types of transmissions. They also can provide all the protective items people need such as elbow/knee pads, helmets and breastplates.

L’Atelier also offers bike servicing and repairs and they can assist with sales. Please contact us for prices & availability.

How to book your bike hire

When it comes to organising mountain and road bike hire for you and your group, just get in touch. We can handle everything for you at no extra cost. Please just call or email us, we can discuss the all options with you and answer any questions you may have. Once you've made your decisions please just tell us your requirements and we'll get your mountain and road bike hire all arranged for you.

Paying for Extras

It couldn't be easier to pay for mountain and road bike hire! We are able to take the payment in resort either by cash or by card. If you like to pay ahead, please let us know and we can send you a link for secure online payment.

We have a card machine we can bring around the your chalet, where each person can pay for their mountain and road bike hire. Online payment for bike hire prior to your holiday is also an option. We do not charge extra for any of these services.

Note: All payment for extras will be in Euros.

Why book with us?

Single Point of Contact

We become a single point of contact for organising your entire holiday. Just give your party members our contact details and we take care of the rest. We get all their booking details for all the and you get to relax knowing it is all taken care of.

You get to relax

Want your bike hire all arranged? easy! Transfers ready to go at the airport for you and your group? Just say the word. Lift pass waiting for you on arrival at the chalet? No Problem. We are here to remove the hassle from your holiday.

Best price possible

We do not add anything onto the price of your holiday extras. And in the case of your lift pass, it's even cheaper to book through us than it is to go to the lift pass office yourself. We'll get you the advance online saver discount, plus we will bring it to you at the chalet for free!

Other Bike rentals places in Les Gets:

Evasion Sports - Les Gets Pro Shop

  • www.bike4park.com
  • Tél. +33 (0)4 50 79 70 90
  • MTB: downhill, cross-country, enduro and electric+ road bicycles

Intersport Bike Academy

The Hub


  • www.vermont-ski.fr
  • Tél. +33 (0)4 50 75 82 07
  • Electric bike (from 9 yrs old)
  • MTB: Downhill, freeride, enduro, BMX

Last Updated: 10th June 2022

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