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White Water Rafting in Les Gets

White Water Adventures! with Frogs Rafting


The mountain rivers provide a wonderful playground in the summer with stunning scenery all around. There's a range of great white water sports available from beginners to advanced, children and adults. A summertime favourite that we think everyone should try. Read on if you fancy getting your hair wet...

Meet Frogs RaftingOur proud Partner

We've partnered with Frogs Rafting to offer their wide range of activities to our guests. Frogs rafting offers the following activities that we are able to reserve on behalf of our guests: rafting, canyoning, hydro-speeding, air-boating, rock climbing, and Via Ferrata (availability upon request). Frogs Rafting is a team of qualified professionals. Their team strives to make sure you leave having enjoyed a challenging, rewarding and fun day out!

If you'd like to book any of their activities, during your holiday with us, just get in touch. We can handle everything for you at no extra cost. Please just call or email us, let us know what exact activity you would like to do and when, and we can talk you through all the options, and answer any questions you may have. Once you've made your decisions please just tell us your requirements, and we'll get everything sorted.

Frogs Rafting provides all the gear: helmets, paddles, full wetsuits, life jackets, booties. All you need to bring is dry clothes, a towel and your bathing suit. Please note, you must be able to swim 25 meters unaided and be confident in the water. Please note that these are the same prices for adults as for children (over 10 years old).

Hydro-speed in Les Gets Canyoning in the Portes du Soleil Rafting in Les Gets Hydro-speed in Les Gets


With a maximum of 8 people per boat, your guide will take you down rapids and through gorges. Pointing out wildlife along the way, and suggesting novel ways to get down the river.

Some may be content to float down the river, soaking up more of the atmosphere, but for those of you after an adrenaline rush there are various 'special detours' your guide will help you take advantage of!

Trips are generally two to two and half hours in total. This includes a safety briefing and transport to your take-off point.

  • Price:
  • Classic trip (minimum age 8yrs old) €50.00 per person
  • In-Between Trip (minimum age 12 yrs old) €55.00 per person
  • Pro Trip (minimum age 16 yrs old) €75.00 per person
  • **Everyone must be able to swim 25m unaided and be confident in water**
  • See their website for more information.

White Water Rafting in Les Gets:


Go for a different type of hike, one where you're allowed to jump in puddles (well deep pools actually) and scramble over rocks and slide down natural chutes, without worrying about getting soaked or dirty!

Canyoning takes you down ravines into areas most people never get to see. You follow the river's natural course and make the most of everything it has to offer, from natural flumes to abseiling down thundering waterfall.

Going with an English-speaking guide, you'll be taught how to negotiate the slippery rocks, and how and where to jump safely. Learn which chutes are good to slide down, and how to walk confidently down the canyon.

  • Price:
  • Nyon (Morzine) (minimum age 10 yrs old) €60.00 per person
  • Gorges du Giffre (minimum age 12 yrs old) €70.00 per person
  • See their website for more information.


Hydro-speeds, also known as white-water sleds, are chunky bits of floaty foam. They're shaped so as you can fit the top of your body snugly into them. Hold on tight and negotiate the river, getting a frog's eye view! You're kitted out with reinforced wetsuits (keeping you cosy, and your knees nicely padded), life jackets, fins, helmet, and, most importantly, a hydro-speed.

After a lesson in how to steer, stop and read the river, you will follow your guide down the river. Learn about duck-diving and surfing, rolling and spinning! This is as close as you can get to the river, and you will learn about dealing with the currents and how to manoeuve yourself (and your sled) around obstacles. The trip takes about two to two and half hours.

  • Price:
  • Classic trip (minimum age 12 yrs old) €60.00 per person
  • **Everyone must be able to swim 25m unaided and be confident in water**
  • See their website for more information.

You'll get launched in a calm area, giving you a chance to get comfortable with the equipment and get used to steering. When you're ready, your guide will show you how you can approach the rapids, deal with the rocks, and surf the waves! This is the closest you can get to the river. At the end of the trip, you will have learned, literally, how go with the flow!


Holding one or two people in a boat that looks like a small raft: you're in control! Before you start, you'll learn how to 'read the river', understanding currents and rocks, and judging the depth and direction of flow. This trip is ideal for people who've been rafting before, or have done some kayaking, and want to learn new skills, or hone existing ones. The minimum age is 12 and your guide is with you all the way.

Trips last around two hours and include a safety briefing, transportation to the take-off point, and your guide.

  • Price:
  • 60.00 per person (minimum age 12 yrs old)
  • **Everyone must be able to swim 25m unaided and be confident in water**
  • See their website for more information.

Where to find them

Their base is about a 30 minute drive from Morzine, and it's where they'll meet you for rafting, hydrospeeding or canorafting on the Dranse.

If you book a trip on the Giffre, they'll send you different directions, likewise for climbing and canyoning (all depending on which canyon or climbing wall you'll be on!).

Download PDF for directions

We can also arrange a transfer for you to get to their base. Please just contact us for price and availability.

Eaux Zones

Eaux-Zones Rafting and Sports provide awesome white water adventures. They are a great local company and all their guides are fully qualified.

What's available and when?

    Please contact us
  • Opening and closing times not yet known. closer to your holiday to see when Eaux Zones opens.
  • Price:
    Ranging from €45 to €210
  • Age:
    6 yrs and above (activity dependant)
  • See Eaux Zones for more information.

Aquascene Water (Equipment Hire/Buy)

Aquascene Water is a water sports website, specialised in inflatable kayaks from Sevylor. Be sure to have a look if you are planning any activity holidays next summer.

What's available and when?

Other useful resources