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Mountain Biking in Les Gets

Les Gets Mountain Biking Les Gets bike park is an MTB Paradise

One Giant Area to Explore

Welcome to Les Gets mountain biking. The Les Gets bike park is often described as an alpine Mecca for mountain bikers. Les Gets is part of the Portes du Soleil Area - a MTB paradise made up of 12 resorts spread over 2 countries, 25 lifts and endless marked trails. There's no shortage of routes to explore, and no matter what your level or interest, you'll find more riding here than you could possibly attempt in a week.

The full system of interlinked trails across the Portes du Soleil is ideal for those who love to explore. You can go village to village, mountain to mountain throughout the whole area, selecting trails that are at your level.

What's available and when?

Bikes Welcome

Les Gets has joined the national 'Accueil Velo' - 'Bikes Welcome' initiative by designing the centre of the village to encourage cyclists and mountain bikers. This means they have equipped the town with cycle paths, self service bike stations, Gets'Lib electric bike stations and recharging points.

In Les Gets alone there is:

  • 128 km of signposted trails
  • 22 X lifts in the whole Portes du Soleil
  • 13 X downhill tracks
  • 5 X tracks for Enduro/X-Country
  • 5 X dedicated electric mountain biking tracks
  • 3 X charging points for electric mountain bikes
  • 3 X chair lifts for MTB's in Les Gets
  • 2 X pump tracks
  • 2 X free bike wash zones
  • 1 X freeride track
  • 1 X three hectare Jump Park
  • 1 X mini Jump Park
  • 1 X 4-cross track
  • 1 X dual Slalom track
  • 1 X 80 km PDS enduro tour trail
  • 1 X teaching track
  • 1 X childrens's zone
  • 1 X free open pump track near the lake

Some of these numbers are for the Les Gets section alone - your lift pass covers the whole Portes du Soleil - another 13 resorts as well on top of this!

Les Gets MTB Quick Facts

For all interests

  • Cross Country
  • Downhill
  • Bike Parks
  • North Shore
  • All abilities

Amazing Access

  • Full Portes du Soleil area
  • Endless trails
  • 22 total lifts
  • 3 lifts in Les Gets village


  • Graded trails for all levels
  • Family-friendly routes
  • Learner areas
  • Book an expert guide
  • Book MTB lessons
Mountain biker in Les Gets Mountain biker in Les Gets Kids mountain biking in Les Gets Toddlers mtb in Les Gets

Bike Park Maps

You will find all the most useful Les Gets Bike Park Maps and Portes Du Soleil Maps here.

Download Trail Map PDF's

You will find a great interactive map of all the Les Gets and Portes Du Soleil trails here on Trailforks.

Useful to know: The trails on the maps are just like ski trails. The different colours signify how difficult a trail is. Green is the easiest level, next is Blue, then Red and finally Black. There is also a Black and Yellow striped level which is super elite!

BlueSlightly More Difficult
BlackExtremely Difficult
Black and YellowSuper Elite!
Couple on MTB enjoying views of Les Gets
Couple on MTB enjoying views of Les Gets

Les Gets Summer Opening Dates 2024

Pre-Opening Weekends (Chavannes and Nauchets sectors only)
Friday 24th May 2024Sunday 26th May 2024
Friday 31st May 2024Sunday 2nd June 2024
Friday 7th June 2024Sunday 9th June 2024
Full Opening Dates (Chavannes, Nauchets, & La Pointe)
Friday 14th June 2024Sunday 15th September 2024
Full Opening Dates (Mont-Chéry)
Friday 21st June 2024Sunday 1st September 2024
Lifts open and close each day?
9:00 a.m (Most lifts)17:30 p.m (Most lifts)
9:45 a.m (La Pointe)16:45 p.m (La Pointe)

The Pleney gondola will stay open until 19:00 on Tuesdays & Thursdays, from July 11th to August 31st inclusive. As always all the above is weather dependent and could change. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Les Gets Bike Hire

We have partnered with PUREXPERIENCE, to bring our guests a complete range of Les Gets bike hire options. You will find something to suit all levels and sizes. And you can avail of an exclusive 10% discount on top-quality MTB rentals, when booking through us. For more information about bike hire in Les Gets please see our Bike Hire page here.

Bike Hire Les Gets

For Beginners

Les Gets is an ideal location for Beginners and Intermediates alike. It's one of the biggest mountain biking areas in Europe and so has world class facilities for all levels, beginners included.

Lifts Up Hill

The first thing to know is they keep some of the ski lifts running in the summer to carry you, and your bike, to the top of the mountain. You only have to do the riding down part, the uphill is optional! You can by a lift pass which is great value (prices below) and covers some 25 lifts across the whole area.

Graded Tracks

The whole area is full or graded tracks. They are all marked for their difficulty so you know what you are getting yourself into. You can start on the gentle beginner tracks, then slowly work up the levels as your skills and confidence progresses.

Many Joined Resorts

One of the wonderful things about Les Gets is that it's part of the huge Portes du Soleil area. There's nothing quite like exploring on a mountain bike, going up and over to the next valley for lunch before heading back again. You don't have to be advanced to be able to explore new villages and valleys before making is back home in the same day. You lift pass covers the whole area too.

Facilities at your doorstep

Being one of the best mountain biking destinations, there's all the facilities you could need right here. Lessons, guides, bike hire and maintenance, you'll find everything here you could possibly need.

Getting Started

A great way to dip your toe into mountain biking is our Mountain Biking Long Weekends. These provide exceptional value, and are a perfect length for you to really experience the sport to see if it's for you.

The full system of interlinked trails across the Portes du Soleil is ideal for those who love to explore. You can go village to village, mountain to mountain throughout the whole area, selecting trails that are at your level.

MTB Schools

Check out our Les Gets Bike Lessons page for all the information you need on private and group lessons and prices.

Bike Lessons Les Gets

With a mountain biking holiday to Les Gets you get:

  • Cross Country Trails, Downhill runs, Bike Parks & North Shore.
  • Access to the whole Portes du Soleil area - 650 km of marked tracks.
  • Lifts operating all summer: 3 in Les Gets , 22 throughout the whole Portes du Soleil area.
  • Colour coded tracks to show the degrees of difficulty.
  • Cross Country trails and Downhill runs designed for family use.
  • Specially created areas to learn.
  • Mountain bike lessons and guided rides with expert professional bikers.

Les Gets For Experienced Riders

Les Gets is one of the places "to do" for any serious mountain biker. There is a strong history with competition mountain biking in Les Gets has over 20 years of national and international MTB tournaments, with the TFJV, the Kids French Championship to the World Championships in 2004, the French Championship in 2012 and in 2016, Crankworx the biggest MTB Festival in 2018 and the UCI Mercedes-Benz downhill and cross-country world cup in 2019.

There's challenging downhill tracks to push the most advanced riders, all lift accessible too. For the cross-country rider then the giant Portes do Soleil circuits are ideal - you can go resort to resort, riding into Switzerland an back, on a giant system of planned and graded tracks.

There's plenty of variety to suit all styles and taste around Les Gets and the whole Portes du Soleil. the Portes du Soleil is the name for the larger area that Les Gets is part of.

Family Mountain Biking in Les Gets

Mountain biking is a very popular activity for families in Les Gets, both for the whole week for the more serious mountain bikers, and as something to try for a day or two for first timers.

The facilities here are world class, offering you all you could need to try this wonderful sport.

Riding at Your Level

The whole area has been planned so you can enjoy riding as your level. All the tracks are marked and graded to their difficulty, so you can pick the level at which you'd like to mountain bike and know what you are getting yourself into.

Pre-planned Family Circuits

There are several special circuits ideally planned for mountain biking as a family. It’s a wonderful way to discover both the village and the magnificent mountainous countryside. In Les Gets the top two family circuits you would not want to miss are:

  • Chavannes Area: Tour du Golf & Tour des Aventuriers
  • Chéry Area : Tour des Alpages

These are specially planned and graded routes to be ideal for families.

Kids Zone

Within Les Gets village there's the Kids Zone, a park-style area just for children's mountain biking.

For older ones and adults alike there's the mini-park as well for people to start their park mountain biking, before moving onto the main parks.

Perfect for Learning

Pass'Portes Mountain Biking Trek

Pass'Portes is a Mountain Biking Trek across the Portes du Soleil (the area Les Gets is in). For one long weekend each year the whole mountain biking community comes together for one big trek. The course is open for the 3 days of the long weekend - Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and you can pick which day you'd like to do the trek.

The course itself is an 80kms loop through France and Switzerland, ranging from 1000m to 2250m in altitude. It takes in 15 lifts on route, though there are variations on the route you can pick depending on whether you'd like to cycle uphill or take the lifts.

For the whole weekend the Pass'Portes Mountain Bike Show is held in Morzine (10 mins from Les Gets), and there's a great atmosphere for the whole weekend as mountain bikers from across the world flock to the Portes du Soleil for this event.

Cross Country

For the cross country mountain biker then Portes du Soleil Tour is a must-do ride. At around 90kms long, the very enthusiastic can do this ride in a day, though splitting it over two might be a more popular alternative. The route is open from the 29th June until 9th September, and routes through many of the 12 villages that make up the Portes du Soleil.

There are 12 lifts planned into the route, meaning that up spend most of your time riding downhill. Indeed the full loop gives you 7000m of decent for only 1000m of ascent. There are routes though back uphill if you'd rather ride than take the lift up the hill.

For more information on the route please see Portesdusoleil.com

Plateau de Loëx

The Plateau de Loëx is a Natura 2000 protected area, comprising of three localities (Les Gets, Taninges and Verchaix) and extending over an area of more than 3000 acres. The ambition of this network of ecological sites is to preserve biological diversity and enhance the natural heritage of the territories.

Take this family-friendly loop (one of our favourite!), and discover a route in the heart of wild landscapes and exceptional natural habitats, through forest tracks and pastures, passing by the Chapel of Jacquicourt. Beautiful views of the Col de Joux Plane, the Pointe de Chamossière and Pointe de la Bourgeoise await you!

For more information on the route please see cc-hautchablais.fr

Videos of Les Gets Mountain Biking

Throwback to Pass'Portes 2018:

Les Gets Airline Track:

Les Gets Pump Track:

Slopestyle Highlights 2018:

Winning Crankworx run in 2017:

Best Trick 2016:

Road Bike Info

This is a great app for cycling routes in the area -www.bikemap.net

Famous climbs in the area

There are some routes that incorporate these and other less known cols.

  • Col de Joux Plane – altitude of 1691m
  • Col de la Ramaz – alt of 1559m
  • Col de Joux Verte – alt of 1760m
  • Col du Corbier – alt of 1237m
  • Col de la Colombiere – alt of 1613m
  • Col de L'Encrenaz – alt of 1433m
  • Col du Grand Taillet – alt of 1041m
  • Col de Jambaz – alt 1027m

There are 15 mapped itineraries starting from the Les Gets/Morzine area, which includes 25 mountain passes within a 50km radius. Some routes are loops starting off around an hr, all the way up to marathon sized routes.

Other useful resources