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Paragliding in the skies above Les Gets

Parapenting in Les Gets Explore the serene and beautiful Paragliding in Les Gets

Paragliding is a wonderful experience for those looking for a truly memorable holiday in Les Gets. Called Paragliding in English, though a lot of people still refer to it by the French name Parapenting, this is where you fly from the top of the mountain using a large "parachute" or wing before gliding down to the valley floor.

What does it feel like?

It may sound quite extreme, but it is in actual fact much more gentle than you might think. In fact the most "violent" part of the whole experience is landing and taking off. This is because it usually involves a lot of running while strapped to another person. Once you are in the air everything is as serene as life gets. The calmness of being in the air under a silent wing cannot be described.

Flying in Les Gets

With paragliding in Les Gets you start normally on the top of Mont Chery in Les Gets. You are strapped to the instructor, who will do all the flying for you. Together you jog down the mountain side for just a few paces before the wing takes your weight and lifts you off into the air!

You then glide out into the valley over Les Gets village. The views on a sunny day are just spectacular, there's no better way to see the stunning scenery our mountains have to offer. It's surprisingly quiet and gentle in the air, it almost feels at times like you are just floating above the valley.

It's about a 15 minute flight before you land just outside the village centre.

Paragliding in les Gets

Book a flight

Air Libre offer Paragliding in Les Gets and can arrange everything for you. To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you contact them directly before the start of your holiday. It takes a bit of planning to get the right weather, so they might need to change days if the conditions are not co-operating, though the majority of our winter days are perfect for paragliding. Book your flight here.

Last Updated: 31 October 2019