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Skiing in les Gets and Morzine

Insiders Guide to Skiing Les Gets The definitive guide to skiing and snowboard Les Gets

Les Gets Skiing Review

Les Gets and the Portes du Soleil ski area are a must-do for any serious skier. The sheer size and variety of the skiing is quite unbelievable, and makes it popular with those returning year after year. The variety also works very well for families and groups of mixed abilities, where all members of the party can easily find the right type of skiing just for them. This is one of the strongest points for the Portes du Soleil, if you have a group of mixed abilities and are wondering where to take them then the Portes du Soleil and Les Gets skiing could be worth considering.

Introducing the Les Gets Ski Area

You can get a lift pass to ski Les Gets & Morzine (the local area), recommended for beginners and lower-intermediates, or a lift pass for the full Portes du Soleil area, recommended for higher intermediates and above.

The Portes du Soleil is the name for 14 interconnected ski resorts spanning the French-Swiss border, Les Gets being one these resorts. It also includes Morzine, Avoriaz, Chatel, Morgins & Les Crosets just to name a few!

In the local Les Gets ski area you'll find beginner's areas (including a section of the mountain for children only!) mixed in with the intermediate's cruising ground - a wonderful mixture of blues and easy reds all winding their way through the rolling terrain.

There's enough for a day or two's serious leg working too, as further back in Les Gets' ski area you'll find Chamossière and Point de Nyon, two challenging mountains with reds and blacks to really get the heart pumping.

Les Gets village sign
Piste bashers at work by night in Les Gets
The Gentiane blue slope in Les Gets
Sunny Front de Neige in Les Gets

Les Gets Altitude

The village of Les Gets altitude is 1172 meters. You will find the height of the mountains surrounding Les Gets in the table below. You will find the the height of the surrounding resorts such as Morzine and Avoriaz.

Les Gets Village1172 metersLes Gets
Le Ranfoilly Summit1824 metersLes Gets
Mont Chery Summit1826 metersLes GetsLes Gets highest point
La Rosta Summit1665 metersLes Gets
Morzine Village1000 metersMorzine
Pointe Du Nyon Summit2019 metersMorzineMorzine highest point
Chamossier Summit2002 metersMorzine
Pleney Area1505 metersMorzine
Avoriaz Village1800 metersAvoriaz
Pointe De Mossette2277 metersAvoriazAvoriaz highest point
Fornet2250 metersAvoriaz
Les Hauts Forts2466 metersAvoriazPortes Du Soleil Highest point
St Jean d'Aulps Village950 metersSt Jean d'Aulps
Col De Graydon1800 metersSt Jean d'AulpsSt Jean d'Aulps highest point
Les Gets, a smoke free ski area

A smoke free area!

Les Gets has embraced a tobacco-free initiative. Smoking is now prohibited on ski slopes and chairlifts, with designated smoking areas.

Find out more...

Les Gets Ski Season Opening Dates 2023 - 2024

Pre-season Skiing

TBC (snow dependant).

Full Opening Dates

The lifts officially open full time for the season on Saturday 18th December 2024 in Les Gets.

When does the ski season finish?

Ski lifts in Les Gets will close on Monday 14th April 2025. Mont Chery and some other lifts may close earlier depending on snow conditions. Skiing in Avoriaz (10 - 15 mins away & part of the same ski area) is still available after this date. Please get in touch to ask us about late-season skiing.

As always all the above is snow-dependent and could change.

What time do the ski lifts open and close each day?

Ski lifts in Les Gets open at 09:00 each day through out the season.

Ski lifts in Les Gets close anywhere between 16:10 to 17:30 depending on the lift and the time of year.

Les Gets local area piste map

Les Gets Ski Area

Les Gets and its close neighbour Morzine are often thought of together. Morzine is in the valley next door. The combined ski area of the two makes up our local area lift pass. At 120kms of pistes, this has enough terrain for beginners through to lower intermediates. It could be divided into 5-6 main areas. It is great for groups of mixed abilities, as advanced skiers can tackle the full portes du soleil. Also, it is ideal area for Families, Beginners and Intermediates

  • 120kms of Pistes
  • 2 Gondola Lifts
  • 5 Fast Chair Lifts
  • 8 Chair Lifts
  • 10 Ski (Drag) Lifts
  • 2 Magic Carpets
  • 48 Lifts In Local Ski Area

The Les Gets ski areas on the local area piste map

Les Gets local area piste map

The Les Gets ski areas on Google Maps

You can see the major ski areas and also the top stations of all the major lifts. Les Gets is in red and Morzine is in blue. Please note this only shows the "Local Area" ski areas which are covered by the local area ski pass.

Chavannes Les Gets

This is the first section of the ski mountain you come to as you come up the lifts; the main way out and way home. There are two major lifts servicing this area, a high speed 6 man chair and a bubble lift. This is your starting point, it's where the ski schools meet and beginners take their first tentative slides down the mountain! There is also Le Grand Cry, an area just for children. This is all themed around trappers and Indians, and has 2 drag lifts.

Snowboarder tip: On the Chavannes side of Les Gets you will find the new snowpark, miniboarder area and the Deborah Anthonioz boardercross run.

The Good:
The run home is a surprisingly good run and is quiet during the middle of the day.

The Bad:
Everyone used this as the way out in the morning and way back at the end of the day, so the main run back to the village can be busy and mogulled at the end of the day.

Les Gets Chavannes piste map

Chavannes Lifts

These are the main lifts that come down into the centre of the village on the side side of the Les Gets Valley.

Lift NameLIft TypeAreaNotes
ChavannesGondolaChavannesThe main lift in Les Gets
Chavannes ExpressFast Chair LiftChavannesGreat to get to the summit quickly.
Folliets Du GolfChair LiftChavannes
La CroixChair LiftChavannes
Boule De GommeSki (drag) LiftChavannes
Grande CrySki (drag) LiftChavannes
Mouille Au RoiSki (drag) LiftChavannes
StadeSki (drag) LiftChavannes
Tete Des CretsSki (drag) LiftChavannes
Vieux CheneSki (drag) LiftChavannes

Mappy Beginners Area (Chavannes) Lifts

This is the beginners area accessed at the top of the Chavannes Gondola.

Lift NameLIft TypeAreaNotes
Tapis ChavannesMagic CarpetMappy Beginners AreaGreat for beginners
Tapis PlataisMagic CarpetMappy Beginners Area
Fil Neige EbaudsPull RopeMappy Beginners Area
Telecorde Mouille Au BlePull RopeMappy Beginners Area

The Les Gets Bowl

If you go up the Chavannes section, turn right then you'll hit the Les Gets Bowl. This is a wonderful bowl, 3 sides all full of a mixture of blues, reds, one black, glade skiing, trees, paths, bits of off pistes & 5 chair lifts all converging to a central point at the bottom. This is a great playground for intermediate skiers. A top insider tip for those who like a good meal at lunchtime is La Rosse'taz Restaurant (go up La Rosta chairlift, turn left then it'll be on your right).

One of our favourite runs in all of the Les Gets & Morzine ski area comes off the back of the bowl. This is a red run called Melezes which runs down to the Perrieres section of the village, and I would highly recommend it!

The Good:

Lots of variety all in one place and gentle off piste skiing

The Bad:

Most ski schools teach here and so in the mornings it can be busy. It's a place to go first thing in the morning or mid afternoon.

Les Gets Chavannes piste map

Les Gets Bowl Lifts

These are the lifts on the eastern and western side of the Les Gets Bowl. The all meet at the base of the bowl.

Lift NameLIft TypeAreaNotes
Ranfoilly ExpressFast Chair LiftRanfoillyEastern side of the Les Gets Bowl
Nauchets ExpressFast Chair LiftNauchetsEastern side of the Les Gets Bowl
Moulle Au ChatChair LiftNauchetsEastern side of the Les Gets Bowl
Grains D'or ExpressFast Chair LiftLa RostaWestern side of the Les Gets Bowl
RostaChair LiftLa RostaWestern side of the Les Gets Bowl

Mont Chery Les Gets

Mont Chery, the hidden gem of the Portes du Soleil. This is an isolated ski hill which every skier who can do an easy red should try during their ski holiday. Les Gets is in the bottom of a valley; you have the main Chavannes side on one side of the village, and Mont Chery on the other. Mont Chery does not connect into any other slopes, and so it remains a quiet little isolated area.

It is mostly harder blues and reds, an ideal mountain for intermediates. In fresh snow it's truly wonderful, especially as the crowds head off elsewhere leaving Mont Chery for the locals and those in the know. Also the views from the mountain restaurants are some of the best you could imagine providing the perfect place to sit, relax and unwind. Sun-soaked terraces, Les Gets in the valley below and views to Mont Blanc above the distant ski area.

Snowboarder tip: Most areas of the Mont Chery side in Les Gets offer great riding for boarders and, depending on weather conditions, powdery runs and off piste areas. Through the middle on the Mont Chery you'll find the Grande Ourse restaurant. There is also a mini parallel slalom course, open to both skiers and boarders to practice your olympic timing.

The Good:

Quiet, wonderful views, great hard blue / easy red conditions

The Bad:

It's south facing, so the run down to the village can be poor later on in season (you can get the lift down though).

Les Gets Chavannes piste map

Mont Chery Lifts

These are the lifts on the North side of the Les Gets valley

Lift NameLIft TypeAreaNotes
Mont CheryGondolaMont CheryThe main lift on Mont Chery
Chery NordChair LiftMont CheryThis takes you back up the north facing slopes of Mont Chery
Grande OurseChair LiftMont Chery
PlaneysChair LiftMont Chery
PointeChair LiftMont Chery
Super CherySki (drag) LiftMont Chery

Perriers / La Turche

This is the area which descends into the western end of the Village. It is mostly on north facing slopes.

The Good:

One of our favourite red runs is here (Melezes).

The Bad:

Its a small Area.

Les Gets Chavannes piste map

Perrieres / Turche Lifts

These are the lifts accessed via the western end of the Les Gets valley.

Lift NameLIft TypeAreaNotes
Express PerriersFast Chair LiftPerrieresThe main lift for people staying at the western end of Les Gets
TurcheSki (drag) LiftTurcheThe only privately owned lift left in Les Gets. (Yes your lift pass will still work on it)

Pointe de Nyon & Chamossière

These are the two big mountains at the back of the ski area. Not for the faint-hearted, these provide challenging skiing in all conditions. There is some wonderful off-piste on these two mountains but please be warned they both are avalanche-prone, so please contact us to arrange guides if you are interested in the off-piste. This is also the best section of the Les Gets & Morzine area for challenging on-piste skiing.

The views from the top of Chamossière are some of the best in the Alps, on one side you can see the full Mt Blanc range and the other on a clear day you can see all the way down to lake Geneva. The red run leading off the top of Chamossière is probably my favourite run of this section, though please be warned this is at the harder end of the red run spectrum.

The Pointe De Nyon restaurant is always favourite and is worth a visit. It's also easily accessible even for lower-intermediate skiers.

The Good:

Wonderful challenging on-piste and off-piste skiing

The Bad:

Avalanche-prone off piste - go with guides only!

Les Gets Chavannes piste map

Pleney Morzine

This is the area including the ridge above Morzine and the runs down into Morzine itself. The runs here can provide some of the best skiing, but you have to pick your times and conditions to get the most out of them. Winding runs through the forest, lovely gradient for quick skiing with a good variety of wide open sections with smaller passages traversing the slopes.

It's north-facing and Morzine is the lowest part of the ski area. In good conditions these runs are wonderful, though the lack of sun can make the bottom hard packed or icy if it's been warm in the past. It's worth noting that the Morzine ski schools do most of their teaching around here, so it's a place to go either early morning or mid-afternoon to avoid the crowds.

The Good:

Fast, winding blues & reds, interesting terrain.

The Bad:

Can be hard packed / icy, plus some parts can be busy when Morzine Ski School is in full swing.

Les Gets Chavannes piste map

Videos of Les Gets

Here are some videos which we feel capture the spirit of Les Gets. The first one gives an idea of what you can expect of the Les Gets resort, whether you're visiting in winter or summer. What better location for a family adventure than this? The second video depicts the types of experiences which are available to groups of skiers here in Les Gets: all you need is a group of willing skiers and a GoPro camera. The third video is a promotional video from the 2018-2019 season and the final one is an awesome video showcasing Les Gets in 7 days.

The Spirit of Les Gets

See if this doesn't make you want to come skiing in Les Gets!

Les Gets Promotional Video for 2018/2019

7 Days in Les Gets

What's the best time to ski in Les Gets, France?

This is one of those questions that we get a lot, so we thought we'd throw our 2 pence worth in on the subject. Everyone has their own idea of their perfect ski holiday, so why not pick the time of year to match? Have a read through and if you've any questions about the timing of your chalet holiday please just get in touch. You can also have a look at our extensive Les Gets snow history section here.

Ski Holidays Before Christmas:

Very quiet, very cheap, you take your chances with snow depth though. They often only do partial openings of the ski area being that it's so quiet. If you've a free week then keep an eye on the forecasts, if the snow's looking good in the French Alps then you can do a last minute booking to catch a wonderful bonus week at a great rate!

Christmas & New Year Skiing

Christmas is normally much quieter than new year so if you've the choice of the two for your ski holidays then I'd say ski Christmas in Les Gets. They make a big effort here for Christmas skiing, with the whole village being that wonderful picture postcard alpine scene if you are looking for a magical family holiday it could be a week worth looking at.

January Skiing

My personal favourite time of year! It's the quietest of main season, the coldest (so best quality of snow) and also the cheapest of main season too. I can't find a downside myself.....

February Skiing

Best snow depth normally being mid-way through the season. Look out for school holidays though, half term is very busy as are the French school holidays. Again if you've the option to avoid the main half term time then I'd take it!

March Skiing

The days are lengthening, the sun shines (I can't promise that, but normally anyway!) A great time of year for those looking to explore. You can ski from valley to valley, village to village, enjoying the slopes and taking some time on a sun-bathed terrace of a mountain restaurant to enjoy the views. Ahhhhhhh. In my non-qualified opinion we often seem to get a big dump of snow in late March, I've had some of my best skiing then.

April Skiing

The end of season arrives. It's warm, it's sunny, and it's very relaxed. The ski resort is quiet, you have the run of the pistes. not a time of year for powder hounds or die hard skiers, the off-pistes is sticky and heavy unless we've a really cold snap and the pistes can go soft later on in the day. Popular time of year for those with young children learning to ski looking for the sun and warmth, and for those looking to relax in the alpine sun, do some skiing, some walking, some booking reading in the sun.....

What we love about Les Gets Skiing...

  • Great for all levels - the local slopes are made up of greens, blues and gentle reds, perfect for families, beginners and intermediates. As you then explore further into this huge area the terrain gets higher, steeper and more varied, so there's plenty to challenge the advanced skier as well.
  • Cruising village to village - the full area comprises of 14 interlinked villages in a never-ending circuit of mountains and valleys to explore.
  • Ideal for Learning - the gentle local slopes & excellent ski schools make a Ski Holiday in Les Gets perfect for those wanting to learn & improve their skiing at all ages.
  • Area of the mountain for children only - Le Grand Cry is a section of the mountain for children only, ideal for learning in peace away from the main slopes.
  • The sheer scale of the full Portes Du Soleil - 650kms of pistes in two countries, you'd take months to explore this area properly.

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