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Sledging Les Gets - A lady and child sledging in Les Gets

Sledging in Les Gets Everything you need to know about sledding in Les Gets

Sledging is about as fun as it gets when it comes to snow sports. Even a simple "shovel" sled and a decent slope can be amazingly fun. Les Gets offers some great sledding opportunities. All the designated sledging areas are on the Chavannes side of the valley with most in the Chavannes area and one being in the Perriers area.

Sledge, sled or toboggan?

A sled or sledge is a basic vehicle with "runners" similar to skies for sliding across snow. Sled or sledge can typically be used interchangeably. Americans tend to use "sled" more and the British tend to use "sledge" more. Some people use "sled" to describe a smaller unit for moving humans and "sledge" to describe a larger unit for transporting goods and freight. A toboggan is basically a sled/sledge without runners.

Where to sledge in Les Gets

There are five designated sledging areas in Les Gets. Two are right next to the village centre, two up the mountain a bit and one at the edge of the village. None of these are on the Mont Chery side of the valley.

Top 5 Sledging Areas in Les Gets:


This is our favourite sledding slope in Les Gets. It is located to the left (as you look up the mountain) of the Perrieres express chairlift base station . It has about 100 m of slope. It is a little bit outside of the centre but it is easy to get to one the free buses.


Is located about 150 meters up the mountain from Front de Neige. It has about 50m of slope.

"Le Carry"

This slope is right next to the Chavannes gondola bottom station in the centre of the village. It is about 25 m long and is enclosed in netting. It is perfect for small kids to try sledding.

"Lac des Ecoles"

is about 500m up the mountain from the centre of the village. It has about about 40m of slope.


is located at the top of the Chavannes gondola. When you exit the gondola go up the mountain a bit to the right. It has about 50m of slope.

Note: Sledging is not permitted on the ski areas during day or night.

Map of the sledging areas in Les Gets

Where get a sledge in Les Gets

If you are a guest in one of our chalets then sledges are provided as standard. We have a number of different designs depending on the chalet you are staying at. If there is something specific you are looking for please let us know and we will do what we can to facilitate you.

If you are not staying in one of your chalets then we would suggest you try one of the many ski rental and sports shops in the village. They typically have sledges for rent for a small fee.

Last Updated: 23 Sept 2020