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A lady hiking through the snow in les Gets

Les Gets Activities Things to do in Les Gets

Although ski resorts in winter are focused mostly on skiing, Les Gets has much more to offer to non-skiers than most other ski destinations. There's a range of activities to suit all tastes, from the relaxation to gentle exploration of the village's 800 year old roots to adrenaline-fuelled adventure! Below is just a small section of what Les Gets has to offer, we'll be adding to this section so please check back soon!

Day Off Skiing

Day Off Skiing
Snowshoeing in Les Gets

Les Gets Events and Concerts

There are some fantastic world class events and concerts held in and around Les Gets and the Portes Du Soleil area. Here we have listed a small selection of Les Gets events for you to browse.

Les Gets Events
Two people during the ski colour Les Gets events

Spas, Massage and Wellness

Spas, Massage and Wellness
Spas, Massage and Wellness in Les Gets

Gyms, Fitness and Yoga

Gyms, Fitness and Yoga
Fitlife Gym, Les Gets


Paragliding in Les Gets

Sledging in Les Gets

Get all the information you need on sledging in Les Gets. Locations and sizes. All available here.

Sledging Les Gets - A lady and child sledging in Les Gets

Local Attractions and Tours

If you'd like to know more please just ask when you arrive and we'd be happy to point you in the right direction and book any tours for you.

Alta Lumina

Alta Lumina is a walk for the senses! This one kilometre walk is an engaging mix of imagery, lights and sounds and is open all year round.

Walking along the path of the travelling music maker in his hot air balloon, you first watch him take to the sky through a mix of visual effects. Then following his journey you come to a great storm, walking through the storm you’re surrounded by the sounds of a huge storm. The music makers hot air balloon then crashes in the storm and you continue to follow him on foot through the forest making music as he goes.

Next you follow him into an open space with hundreds of little blue lights which are the enchanted musical notes that have been scattered from the storm. You then follow the music maker along a board walk style path with smoke and lights either side. You enter into a large area again and the hot air balloon has been mended, there is an interactive area where you have the opportunity to make music just like the music maker and join in a celebration for the hot air balloon being repaired.

To finish the music maker then takes to the sky again and you watch him manoeuvre through the trees onto his next adventure!

Alta Lumina is the latest in the series of enchanted night walks created by Moment Factory, there is similar Lumina attractions in Canada, Japan and Singapore.

Alat Lumina attraction in Les Gets

Tickets and Prices

  • €19.00 Adults (16 years and older)
  • €10.00 children (5 to 15 years old)
  • Under 5 are free
  • There is a family pass for €53.00 which is for 2 adults and 2 children
  • Tickets are only available online and must be booked beforehand
  • See the Alta Lumina Website for more details.

Local Tours

The Church in Les Gets holds regular concerts, including those performed by it's Mechanical Organ.

There's a local cheese dairy which offers tours and tasting. They run every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00. It is a free tour of cheese being made at La Fruitière des Perrières Fromagerie.

If though you have the opportunity to take half a day off from the slopes it's well worth visiting the weekly farmer's market or wandering up and down the main street visiting the countless artisan shops with a whole range of local produce.

Mechanical Museum

Les Gets claims to be the world capital of Mechanical Music, and each summer they hold a festival in the village. There's a museum of Mechanical Music, and the tour is surprisingly interesting, especially to see the enthusiasm of the Museum guide. We recommend reservation for all guided tours.

Winter opening times: From Christmas, from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm (closed on Saturdays)

Tickets start at €7 per adult and €4 per child. Access is free for Summer Multipass holders.


Thought to be the oldest in france the Merry-go-round in the centre of the village dates from 1871. It is the pride and joy of the people of Les Gets. It was recently renovated and put under a new cover to allow it many more years of bringing joy to the people. It’s open every day through summer from 10:30 am till 12:30 and from 15:30 to 19:30 and the evening during events.

Opening dates and times are here.


Can be found along the street after the L’as des neiges restaurant; next to the interior design shop, offering later afternoon and evening films. You will find details about the cinema in Les Gets here.

Programme can be found at the Tourist Office and also on the door of the cinema itself.

Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride

There is no better way to relax than to sit back in a luxury horse drawn sleigh and survey the majestic mountains around the Portes Du Soleil. Head on over to Avoriaz in the evening, and travel around this car free town on a beautiful sleigh ride. No need to book, just pay the driver and off you go.

TeePee / Igloo Dining Experience

Have dinner or stay in an Igloo out in the wilderness. Spend a relaxing evening in a place totally cut off from the world. Featuring a cheese fondue and a snow shoe walk to the secret location. Prices start at €55 per person. See the website here.

Lantern Walk

This night time snow-shoeing expedition is a great way to experience the surreal natural beauty of the mountains by night. Run by ESF ski school. See their Snow-Shoeing Page.

Helicopter flights

A scenic helicopter flight high above the beautiful French alpine countryside is truly a "bucket list experience". See the mountains and the snow capped peaks from a whole new perspective can really take your breath away. You can book a flight today here.

See an Ice Hockey game

Head over to the Morzine Hockey Club and catch local team The Penguins in a fast paced game of ice hockey. Matches usually start at 20:30 and run to about 22:00. There is a bar at the rink and tickets can be bought online or at the door. Tickets start at €10 per adult and €6 per child. Children under 5 go free. See the official website here.

Important Note: The current Hockey season is over due to COVID restrictions.

Avalanche Cocktails Morzine

An exciting venture based in Morzine. Take a Master-class from one of Avalanche Cocktails highly trained Mixologist and learn the history and recipe behind some of your favourite cocktails. Enjoy a class from the comfort of your own chalet. Classes from €30 per person. Also ideal for weddings and parties. Visit their website for more information.

Activities and outdoor pursuits

The French Alps have plenty of activities to get the blood flowing off the pistes as well. For those looking for active aprés-ski you can try the below.

Ice Skating

Right in the heart of the village centre is the Ice Rink, popular with young and old alike. This outdoor rink is a lovely way to pass an hour early evening after a day on the slopes. Be sure to have a nice cup of delicious Vin Chaud afterwards to warm up. See Ice Skating Location.


If it's indoor activities you are after then why not have a nice night of bowling. Head on over to Bar Bowling. Full details about bowling and nightlife in Les Gets here.


It may look like a simple children's activity but there are few things more fun to do in the snow than sledging. Even though it is on relative flat slopes the feel of speed and the rush of adrenaline is amazing. A perfect way to spend an evening with friends and family after skiing. It can be enjoyed by all ages. We cannot recommend sledging enough! See all the Les Gets sledging locations here.


When it comes to swimming in winter the place to head to is Aquariaz in Avoriaz. This brand new purpose built family swimming pool is a sort water jungle in the snow. Housed in a special glass and wooden building with great views out over the valley. A fantastic way to spend a day with the family when the weather turns bad. A little closer to Les Gets, try the public swimming pool in Morzine.


You can go Snowmobiling in Avoriaz and in Praz de Lys, both about 20 minutes drive from Les Gets. Transport can be arranged. Prices from 65 Euros per person (Passenger) or 145 Euros per person (Driver), for a 45 minutes ride. See the Snowmobiling website.

Electric Snowmobiling

Electric snowmobiling is a new eco friendly activity in Les Gets, it is aimed mainly at children. Run by Mountain E-Park, it is located between the Lac des Ecoles and the blue slope "Gentiane", under the "Chavannes Express" chairlift. They are open from Saturday to Thursday, from 10 am to 5 pm. Prices start at 20 Euros for a 15 minutes Initiation ride. See their website here (in French).


Nothing really compares to seeing the serene beauty of the mountains from the air. And Parapenting above Les Gets is as good as it gets, It's so popular we've created a separate page for that. See our dedicated Les Gets paragliding page.

Speed Riding

The ultimate mix of skiing and flying, Speed Riding involves taking a small para-glider wing and a set of skis and heading down a mountain. Want to ski over a cliff? No problem! There are two companies running courses in this awesome sport in the Morzine area: Aero-bi (prices from €95 per person) and Portes Du Soleil Parapenting School (prices from €85 per person).

Bubble Foot

Playing football while inside a plastic bubble near the Montriond Lake. Ideal for families and groups of more than 4 people. Please visit the Pulse Activity Website for prices and availability.

Ski Joëring

A horse, some skis and off you go! This wonderful traditional activity involves skiing behind a majestic horse, along the trails of Les Gets. It was even a demonstration sport at the 1928 winter Olympics in St Moritz. Find out more on the Portes du Soleil website.


Fancy trying out a true Olympic sport? The Nordic ski biathlon mixes is a perfect blend of skill and sporting prowess. ESF ski school in Morzine are now running introduction to Biathlon group lessons. The perfect way to sample what it takes to be a true Olympian. Please visit the official ESF Website for prices and availability.


This great activity involves finding hidden treasures (called GeoCaches) using a GPS. There are numerous GeoCaches located around Les Gets. Have a look at this map to see the locations of all the Les Gets GeoCaches.

Tobogganing & Tubing

While they all have the same goal: get to the bottom of the slope as quickly and safely as possible. Tobogganing, tubing & sledging have 1 major difference, the mode of transport. A sled can have runners underneath or just a flat surface. Bin lids, saucepans and even shovels can all pass as sleds. A toboggan on the other hand has a bit more of a specific design, it is usually made from wood with the front end bending back and towards the rider. Tubing is as fun as it sounds. It involves sitting on an inflatable tube and just letting rip.

The Les Gets Snowpark offers specialised sessions and slopes for all types of sledding.


An awesome new form of snow transportation, the "Yooner" is a type of ski/sledge/bike hybrid which can be used on the normal pistes (where sledges are not allowed). These amazingly fun devices are a great alternative to skiing and learning to ride them takes no time at all. Prices from €31 per person. Head over to Morzine to try these. See the Yooner website.

Husky Dog Sledging

Come and discover the "Cani-Randonée", and make your children dream with the activity Taxi-baby or dog sledding! The dog sled rides start at the Lac des Ecoles in Les Gets. After introducing the child to the dogs, you will leave for a 20 minute ride. Your child will be comfortably installed in the sled. See the Dog Sledging website (in French) for prices and details.

Ice Climbing

Nothing says winter mountaineering better than strapping on some crampons and ice axes and heading for some ice climbing. Ice climbing is available in the Morzine area and is run by experienced climbers and guides. Check out their website here for prices and availability.

Ice Diving

For some diving beneath the ice of a mountain lake may sound a little crazy, for others it sounds like a fantastic way to spend half a day on a ski holiday. Ice diving is available at the local lake in Montriond (just up the road from Les Gets) and is run by an experienced local company. Price from €95 per person. See their website here.

For more information about the activities here in Les Gets, France, please see the Les Gets Tourist Board's Activities page. Or, if you're looking to stay on the snow but want to try out something different, have a look at our Day Off Skiing page.

Please note: Although the information and prices presented on this page are correct at the time of publishing, they are subject to change. Please visit our partners' websites for updates.

Last Updated: 25th March 2022