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Now fully-recruited for 2018-2019

Hello and welcome to our jobs section. Unfortunately, we now have a full team for the 2018-2019 ski season. But the good news is we know plenty of awesome ski companies who are looking for friendly, enthusiastic people.

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Who are we? What do we do? What do we expect? All your questions answered here.

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Guide to Finding and Getting a Ski Job

Our top tips on how to find ski jobs, and how toput your best foot forward with our top tips for ski and chalet job applications.

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Seasonaires Guide

First Ski Season? No idea where to start? What is a chalet job anyway? All your questions answered here.

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Thinking about starting your own chalet business?

Then we should talk. If you would like to work a season to gain all the skills to start your own venture then that's something we can help you with. Aside from teaching you all the day-to-day skills to run the very best chalet holidays, we would be happy to help you with everything else you'd need to know to run your own business:

This is also good for us. We want to employ the best chalet hosts & people who have a passion for this industry, and this is one way we achieve that.