Mountain and Tradition Staff in Les Gets Mountain and Tradition Staff in Les Gets

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We are fully recruited sorry!

We are now fully recruited for the coming winter sorry. We do though post up below whenever we here of jobs available with other ski companies we know. Please do check back as it changes fairly often.

There are plenty of companies still recruiting staff in Les Gets, so have a look at the below table to see what's out there right now. Equally, if you are interested in contacting us about future ski seasons, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Jobs with Other Chalet Companies & other Ski Resort Jobs 2018-2019:

If you have a ski business and are looking for staff yourself, please don't hesitate to get in touch - we'd be happy to add your position to the above table.

Thinking about starting your own chalet business?

Then we should talk. If you would like to work a season to gain all the skills to start your own venture then that's something we can help you with. Aside form teaching you all the day-to-day skills to run the very best chalet holidays, we would be happy to help you with everything else you'd need to know to run your own business:

This is also good for us. We want to employ the best chalet hosts & people who have a passion for this industry, and this is one way we achieve that.

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