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Man SKiing on rented Skis in Les Gets

Ski Hire in Les Gets Ski and Snowboard rental options in Les Gets

For guests in our chalets we can arrange your ski and snowboard hire. Arranging ski and snowboard hire is part of our free Concierge Service which is included in your holiday. We have two basic options: delivered to the chalet or pick up in the hire shop. The choice of service mostly depends on the location of your chalet. Please note our ski hire prices are the exact same as renting directly from the ski hire companies. All we need to know is what you want we'll take care of the rest.

Ski / Snowboard Rental Options There are two options

We have partnered with two very distinctive ski hire companies to bring you an a complete range of options for your ski and snowboard rental in Les Gets. Both companies have some unique advantages and both companies have the same high quality equipment so we will go through both in detail so you can make an informed choice. Lets look at the options in detail:

Option 1 Delivered to your chalet

As part of your holiday with us we can arrange to have your ski / snowboard equipment fitted in your chalet at no extra cost! This quality ski hire company (Mad Wax) will come to the chalet, normally during the evening of your arrival day, so you will have all your equipment ready and waiting for your first day on the slopes. At the end of your stay we arrange for the hire company to come and pick up the equipment from the chalet.

Ski Delivery Prices (6/7 days) Mad Wax Ski Hire


Adults AgePrice
Skis, Poles & Boots - Beginner 16+€ 80.00
Skis, Poles & Boots - Intermediate 16+€ 96.00
Skis, Poles & Boots - Advanced 16+€ 112.00
Skis, Poles & Boots - Top 16+€ 135.00
Skis & Poles - Beginner 16+€ 56.00
Skis & Poles - Intermediate16+€ 72.00
Skis & Poles - Advanced 16+€ 88.00
Skis & Poles - Top 16+€ 111.00
Snowboard & Boots - Beginner / Intermediate 16+€ 96.00
Snowboard & Boots - Advanced 16+€ 112.00
Helmet0+€ 18.00


Children AgePrice
Skis, boots & poles - height: <120cm0-12€ 44.00
Skis, boots & poles - height: >120cm0-12€ 52.00
Snowboard and Boots 0-12€ 52.00
Skis, Poles & Boots13-15€ 68.00
Snowboard and Boots13-15€ 68.00
Helmet 0-12€ 18.00

You can see the listed Mad Wax ski hire prices on their website here: madwax.co.uk.

Option 2 Collect at the rental shop

Another option within our Concierge service is to arrange ski hire in a Les Gets town centre ski hire shop: Located right in the centre of Les Gets under the main Gondola lift, the famous Delavay Sports shop is generally regarded as the premier ski shop in town. We can arrange all your ski hire with this quality dependable highly regarded company. Arranging with us means you have a single point of contact making it less hassle to organise your ski holiday.

Ski Hire Shop Prices (6/7 days) Delavay Sports


Adults AgePrice
Skis, Poles & Boots - Beginner 16+€ 80.00
Skis, Poles & Boots - Intermediate 16+€ 104.00
Skis, Poles & Boots - Advanced 16+€ 124.00
Skis, Poles & Boots - Top 16+€ 148.00
Skis & Poles - Beginner 16+€ 50.00
Skis & Poles - Intermediate16+€ 74.00
Skis & Poles - Advanced 16+€ 94.00
Skis & Poles - Top 16+€ 118.00
Snowboard & Boots - Beginner / Intermediate 16+€ 98.00
Snowboard & Boots - Advanced 16+€ 124.00
Helmet12+€ 21.00


Children AgePrice
Skis, boots & poles - height: <120cm0-12€ 42.00
Skis, boots & poles - height: >120cm0-12€ 55.00
Snowboard and Boots 0-12€ 55.00
Skis, Poles & Boots13-15€ 69.00
Snowboard and Boots13-15€ 69.00
Helmet 0-12€ 16.00

You can see the listed Delavay Sports ski hire prices on their website here: delavaysports.com.

Information required to book your skis:

Grades of Hire

The ski equipment comes in various levels:

  • Beginner (for complete beginners)
  • Intermediate (for people on greens and blues)
  • Advanced (for people who are happy on red ski slopes)
  • Top (for people who are happy on any ski slope)
  • Ski Test (click for details)

Snowboards have 2 levels:

  • Beginner (for complete beginners)
  • Advanced (for people who are happy on red ski slopes)

We would ask for everyone's height, shoe size and which grade of equipment they would prefer. With this we can organise to have the best equipment ready for you. For any other price request or information on ski hire, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ski Test - The best of this Year's Equipment

For those wanting the very best ski and snowboard equipment you can select Ski Test. This is the very top grade. You'll be using only this year's skis or snowboard, and the very best of them. You skis / snowboard are serviced each evening for you, and you can change your skis / snowboard as often as you like. This means you can try different makes of skis throughout your holiday, as well as you can change equipment depending on conditions - maybe some Giant Slalom skis one day for the groomed pistes, then some super-wide powder skis the next day.

The Ski Test equipment is only available in the ski hire shop though, this cannot be fitted in the chalet. The ski hire shop is by the main 6 man express chairlift so is very convenient.

How to book your ski hire

When it comes to organising ski and snowboard hire for you and your group, just get in touch. We can handle everything for you at no extra cost. Please just call or email us, we can discuss the all options with you and answer any questions you may have. Once you've made your decisions please just tell us your requirements and we'll get your ski and snowboard hire all arranged for you.

For Group Leaders

We have made it easy for group leaders. We have a super easy online booking page to book your ski and snowboard hire which can be accessed by all party members. Another option is to tell your group members to contact us directly and we will arrange everything for them individually which makes it less hassle for you. Please contact us about your group extras as soon as you have booked your holiday and we will take it from there.

When To Book

We normally recommend you arrange your ski and snowboard hire around the holiday balance payment date (60 days before you depart for Les Gets). We will contact you then to let you know it's time to arrange any holiday extras you would like. If you would like anything that's unusual or you are holidaying during the New Years or Half Term period please contact us as soon as you have booked your holiday. This is because things can get booked up quickly during these busy periods.

Paying for Extras

It couldn't be easier to pay for ski and snowboard hire! We are able to take the payment in resort either by cash or by card. If you like to pay ahead, please let us know and we can send you a link for secure online payment.

We have a card machine we can bring around the your chalet, where each person can pay for their ski and snowboard hire. Online payment for ski hire prior to your holiday is also an option. We do not charge extra for any of these services.

Note: All payment for extras will be in Euros.

Why book with us?

Single Point of Contact

We become a single point of contact for organising your entire holiday. Just give your party members our contact details and we take care of the rest. We get all their booking details for all the ski hire and you get to relax knowing it is all taken care of.

You get to relax

Skis delivered to your chalet door? easy! Transfers ready to go at the airport for you and your group? Just say the word. Lift pass waiting for you on arrival at the chalet? No Problem. We are here to remove the hassle from your holiday.

Best price possible

We do not add anything onto the price of your ski holiday extras. And in the case of your ski lift pass, it's even cheaper to book through us than it is to go to the lift pass office yourself. We'll get you the advance online saver discount, plus we will bring it to you at the chalet for free!

Ski Hire Companies

Last Updated: 22 Sept 2020