Creches and childcare in Les Gets
Family children in Les Gets

Creches and childcare in Les Gets Babysitters, nannies and creches in Les Gets

Childcare options

Les Gets has an excellent range of childcare options for all ages. As part of our free Concierge Service we can give you advice and recommendations on all the childcare options in Gets. Unfortunately due to the childcare company policies the parent must make the actual booking with the childcare provider.

The Local Nursery - Les Fripouilles

The Nursery in Les Gets is handily located close to the ski school, so the one drop off run does children of all ages. It is open 9am until 5pm, Sunday to Friday. You can make reservations for either whole days or half days, and the half days can either be long half days including lunchtime, or shorter ones not including lunch time.

To book ahead you need to book the whole week normally. If you want just a few ad-hoc sessions this can be arranged in resort, but only if they have availability. We'd always advise you book ahead, and generally we find they only have space for ad-hoc bookings outside of school holidays, and still the odd week there will also be full.

We always try to help you with booking as much as possible. With the nursery though they do much prefer to talk to the parents directly, they don't like 2nd hand information via us. To book you can contact them on: +33 4 50 75 80 80, +33 4 50 75 80 99 or +33 4 50 92 92 72. You can also email We find though that out of season they can take a while to respond, and please do try all the phone numbers. If you are having no luck please do contact us and we'll try to chase them from our end too.

Childcare options

Cheeky Monkeys, Childcare in Morzine.

Cheeky Monkeys

We've only ever heard great things about this service, though it is a much more expensive option for childcare in Les Gets.

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Jack Frosts Childcare in Portes du Soleil

Jack Frosts

A well established childcare company serving Les Gets, they offer childcare from babies to primary school age children.

  • Portes du Soleil
  • +3376831 6409
  • Email
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Morzine Kids, Nanny Services in Portes du Soleil

Morzine Kids

Morzine Kids offer professional and fun childcare services in Morzine, Les Gets and surrounding areas.

  • Portes Du Soleil
  • +44(0)203287 4588
  • Email
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Alpine Resort Nannies

Alpine Resort Nannies

Run by Helen & Fleur, this childcare company has a range of options including whole day, half day, and ski school pickups.

  • Portes du Soleil
  • +33(0)68406 4098
  • Email
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FamillePlus Accreditation

Les Gets Ski Resort has the FamillePlus accreditation. This is a national standard in France, where the resort in question has to meet certain criteria. We are one of the accredited accommodation suppliers in Les Gets.

To get the FamillePlus accreditation the resort, and us as your accommodation supplier, have to meet the six main commitments:

  • Personal welcome for families
  • Entertainment for all ages
  • Price to suit everyone, young and old
  • Family activities to enjoy together or separately
  • Family-friendly shops and services on hand
  • Children looked after by professionals
Famille Plus Logo

FamillePlus are keen to hear your experiences and suggestions:

Last Updated: 09 September 2019

Children with ski instructor in Les Gets

Ski school was wonderful and the standard of the child care facilities and carers was excellent...

Rowhall via TripAdvisor