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Hiking in Les Gets

Walking Holidays in Les Gets French Alps

Option 1: Self-guided Walking

Choose from a curated series of designated walking trails or carve your own path through idyllic Les Gets scenery. Set off on foot, or get straight to the amazing views on one of the 21 high-speed chair lifts available to walkers.

Option 2: Guided Walking

Hire a guide and get the very best out of the Alpine mountainscape without having to think about it. Choose a themed walk (e.g. flora & fauna) or try donkey trekking and avoid carrying the bags and the kids!

Dan and Stu hiking in Les Gets Hiking in Les Gets during the summer Hiking in the Les Gets mountains during the summer

A Walker's Paradise

Les Gets is set in the pristine Mountains of the French Alps, a wonderful place to explore for the enthusiastic and relaxed walker alike. Mountainside meadows full of Alpine fauna and flora await you in the lower valleys. There are marked trails winding through the valleys taking you to some of the most peaceful and tranquil locations.

Use the chairlifts

Walkers can also you the chair lifts which operate through the peak summer weeks. These has the great advantage of whisking you up the mountain at speed taking you straight to the great views. From there you can start your walk, there are many trails leading off from the top of the lifts.

Serious about your walking?

For those looking for more of a challenge you can then climb up above to one of the many peaks above. The higher paths offer some wonderful vistas, indeed in some locations you can see Mont Blanc on one side and Lake Geneva on the other. There's no shortage of challenging day hikes for the more experienced hiker.

Plateau de Loëx

The Plateau de Loëx is a Natura 2000 protected area, comprising of three localities (Les Gets, Taninges and Verchaix) and extending over an area of more than 3000 acres. The ambition of this network of ecological sites is to preserve biological diversity and enhance the natural heritage of the territories.

Take this family-friendly loop (one of our favourite!), and discover a route in the heart of wild landscapes and exceptional natural habitats, through forest tracks and pastures, passing by the Chapel of Jacquicourt. Beautiful views of the Col de Joux Plane, the Pointe de Chamossière and Pointe de la Bourgeoise await you!

For more information on the route please see cc-hautchablais.fr

Les Gets Summer Opening Dates 2022

Full Opening Dates (Chavannes, Nauchets, Mont-Chéry & La Pointe)

Friday 17th June 2022Sunday 4th September 2022

Pre-Opening Weekends (Chavannes and Nauchets sectors only)

Thursday 26th May 2022Sunday 29th May 2022
Friday 3rd June 2022Sunday 6th June 2022
Friday 10th 2022Sunday 12th June 2022

Lifts open and close each day?

9:00 a.m (Most lifts)17:30 p.m (Most lifts)
9:45 a.m (La Point)16:45 p.m (La Point)

September Opening Weekends (Chavannes and Nauchets sectors only)

Thursday 8th September 2022Sunday 11th September 2022
Friday 16th September 2022Sunday 18th September 2022

As always all the above is weather dependent and could change. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Last Updated: 24th May 2021

Summer Activities in Les Gets: