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Swimming in Les Gets

Other Activities in Les Gets

More Summer Options!

If the list of activities with their own pages (in the top menu) isn't enough, then here's a list of some more things you might fancy trying.


How to describe the fantasticable.... imagine two mountain ridges with a giant valley between. Then picture a cable slung from one ridge across the to the other side, then back again. That's the fantasticable. All you have to do it clip onto the cable and enjoy the 1.3 km ride at speed of up to 100km / hr, headfirst....

It's a very popular half day out to go to Avoriaz and experience the Fantasticable. It's priced at €34 per person, and is available for people weighing 35 kgs to 120 kgs (these limits can vary depending on the wind strength though).



18 holes - 18 panoramic views, all in Les Gets’ newly refurbished golf course. This rather technical course is quite unique thanks to its diversity. Opened in 1995, the course has been constantly improved over the years, and is an 18-hole, 5,264-metre, par-70 course. Located in a wooded setting in the heart of Portes du Soleil, the Les Gets golf course has named each hole after one of the surrounding summits, with Mont Blanc, in line with the 7th hole, overlooking the entire course. The panoramic views are a real invitation to discover this exceptional site. The golf course maintains 30 golf carts, and lessons are available too.


Green fees range from €36 to €52 depending on the time of summer you are here.


Tree climbing in Les Gets

Out and About in Les Gets

Horse Riding

Located just a few steps from the Lac des Ecoles, the Ranch du Lac is the ideal start point for the many Les Gets horse riding excursions these mountains have to offer. Their guides will accompany you for outings of all levels, from two or three hours to a full day.

Rides for children start from 9 years old & the Ranch du Lac is open all summer long.

Prices :

Tandem Sky Diving

The ultimate adrenaline sport with the most incredible scenery, if you can manage to keep your eyes open long enjoy to enjoy the views! Tandem skydiving is where the instructor is strapped to your back, so you are just along for the ride. After your briefing you would be taken up to 4000m before your jump begins. This give 1500m of free fall before your instructor opens the parachute and flies you back down to earth


From 255 € per person

Donkey Trekking

You can also rent a donkey to accompany your whilst walking, he will provide great company whilst happily carrying your bags or children!


Hot Air Balloon Flight

Possibly the ultimate way to take in the alpine views, you can experience floating in the sky in a hot air balloon. The flights take place on the banks of Lake Geneva (about 1 hour away, we can arrange transport). One one side you'll have lake Geneva, and on the other the Alps with views to Mont Blanc.


245 Euros per person, flights are very weather dependent!

Summer Activities in Les Gets: