Family Mountain Biking in Les Gets
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Woman standing still on Mountain Bike

Mountain Biking for the Whole Family

Family Mountain Biking in Les Gets

Mountain biking is a very popular activity for families in Les Gets, both for the whole week for the more serious mountain bikers, and as something to try for a day or two for first timers.

The facilities here are world class, offering you all you could need to try this wonderful sport.

Riding at Your Level

The whole area has been planned so you can enjoy riding as your level. All the tracks are marked and graded to their difficulty, so you can pick the level at which you'd like to mountain bike and know what you are getting yourself into.

Mountain Biking kids in Les Gets Woman and her mountain bike in Les Gets, France Mountain biking family in Les Gets centre

Pre-planned Family Circuits

There are several special circuits ideally planned for mountain biking as a family. It’s a wonderful way to discover both the village and the magnificent mountainous countryside. In Les Gets the top two family circuits you would not want to miss are:

Chavannes Area: Tour du Golf &Tour des Aventuriers
Chéry Area :Tour des Alpages

These are specially planned and graded routes to be ideal for families.

Kids Zone

Within Les Gets village there's the Kids Zone, a park-style area just for children's mountain biking.

For older ones and adults alike there's the mini-park as well for people to start their park mountain biking, before moving onto the main parks.

Perfect for Learning

Summer Activities in Les Gets: