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Mountain and Tradition catering

Chef / Pastry Chef position in Les Gets Join our Summer Team

Chef / Pastry Chef

This is the dream job for anyone whose passion for cooking is matched by their enthusiasm for the smooth running of a guest's holiday. Alongside a small and close-knit team, you will receive training and support from our head chef, Raphael. If you have the enthusiasm and passion to maintain the highest standards while following strict recipes and guidelines, we really want to hear from you.

The full Kitchen Assistant job description is also available to download as a pdf.

Introduction to the Role

We will provide you with a training, after which you will be responsible of our central kitchen were food will be made for our catered chalets and our food delivery service.

In the main kitchen you will be doing the main preparation following recipes and production sheets. We are using seasonal, local, fresh, and quality product to cook homemade food for the clients and for the team.

Job Description

You will be working with the chef and independently in the kitchen

You will be responsible for the tasks you will be dedicated

You will ensure food hygiene and health and safety standards are met

You will co-ordinate with our manager, who will oversee your duties and responsibilities

You will follow environmental regulations as closely as possible, recycling

You will need to be flexible

You may cover the days-off of other team members, in different properties or departments, during the season

Over the course of the ski season you may undertake different tasks, within different departments

What we expect from you

  • You are hard-working and reliable
  • You are keen, quick and happy to learn
  • You are flexible and organised
  • You are interested in cooking
  • You are a team player
  • Good food hygiene and health & safety standards
  • Having an eco-mind to follow our environment procedures
The Mountain & Tradition team enjoying some down time Staff outing Enjoying a meal together Daytrip!!

What you can expect from us

Please also download and read our Environmental Policy before applying.

Role of the managers, Jana, Raph & Ashleigh

  • Hiring the right people for the right jobs, team members that are able to understand the ethic of the company. To create the right working environment for everybody
  • To provide training that will teach every staff member the skills needed and the level of work that is expected of them
  • Supporting everybody equally in order to achieve their targets and enjoy a better work experience

Company Ethic

  • Taking what we do seriously, always driven to maintain our high standards
  • Ensuring that our guests have a wonderful experience, resulting in 5-star reviews
  • Ensuring that the working environment is a fair, respectful and motivating one for all the team members
  • Creating memorable work and life experiences for all the team members
  • Working in an eco-responsible environment, and agreeing with our environmental policy
  • Respecting personal and company belongings

Salary and Package

  • Salary of 800.00€ net per month + end of season bonus of 150.00€ per month worked (This bonus will be paid at the end of a fully completed season).
  • Contract through the French System which can include French social benefits (Health, Pension, Training funds…)
  • Rota will be provided at the beginning of the season and if any changes, you will be notified at the team meeting or by your manager:
    • 2 days off per week
      • 1 as a full day
      • 1 other given either as 2 evenings, another full day or postponed on certain week
    • 2 days of holidays per month either given trough the season as extra day off or paid
    • Each day off or holiday not taken at the end of season will be paid 50.00€ net on your last pay
    • The rota is under the responsibility of your manager. He could try to accommodate your preferences regarding days off, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Other advantage included in the package

  • Good staff accommodation in shared room (single) or private room (couple)
  • Transport to resort at the beginning of the season and transport back at the end of the season from Geneva airport or local train station
  • Parking for one car (on request)
  • Multi Pass (PDS)
  • Being part of our review bonus system, throughout the season, to win prizes with the team

Selection Criteria

  • You have an interest in cooking and keen to learn cooking skills
  • You do not see cleaning as chore, you take pride in it and are motivated to do it
  • You can work as part of a team, and independently when needed
  • You can perform physically demanding tasks

Staff Accommodation:

This is not your average staff accommodation. At Mountain & Tradition, we know the importance of having a space that is comfortable and practical — a space that you can call your own. It also helps when it's super stylish and modern!

With all the facilities and features that you'll need throughout your stay. Spaces designed with couples and solos in mind.

Staff accommodation in Les Gets Map of The Alpine Lodge in Les Gets

Central location

Fully-equipped kitchen
2-4 people
500m to ski lifts
  • Image
  • Map

Located in the Alpine Lodge building, right in the very heart of Les Gets village. 400m to the the main Chavannes Express chair lift, 150m from the nearest bar and restaurant. Two bedrooms, and access to a courtyard.

Applying for a work visa in France:

To be able to work with us, you'll need to make sure you are eligible to work in France on a French contract. Typically, citizens from most European countries do not need a visa however if you are a citizen from outside of the European Union, you will need to pursue the relevant permissions prior to starting work with us.

Following the UK's withdrawal from the EU, UK citizens now require a visa to work in France. Please find below our (hopefully) easy explanation of the steps you'll go through when applying for a visa to work in France as a non-EU citizen.

  • UK Citizens

    There are 2 different permits required for you to work in France. You'll need a work permit which we as a company need to apply for, and then you'll need a long-stay visa to be able to live in France, this you'll need to apply for yourself. We will help you along the way as much as we can, but please note we can't do everything for you.

    Step 1

    Once you have been successful in the application process with us, you'll sign our work agreement.

    Step 2

    We will then submit the application for your work permit.

    Step 3

    Once we have the work permit you can apply for your visa by:

    • Completing the France-Visas Form
    • Creating your TLS Contact Account
    • Securing an appointment
    • Going to the appointment
    • Delivering your passport

    You can find more detailed information here, and here.

    Step 4

    Once you have your visa approval, you'll need to send us a copy. You are now 100% ready to work with us in France!

    Step 5

    When you are here with us in France, we'll make an appointment on your behalf at the local French immigration office.

    Step 6

    Once the appointment has been made, we can help you to get there as the immigration office is about an hour drive from Les Gets. At this first appointment, they will give you your temporary visa paperwork.

    Step 7

    You'll then need to go to a second appointment at the immigration office where you'll receive your permanent visa called a “titre de séjour”. This will state the exact dates you can live in France for (a visa can be up to five years)

    There are costs involved when applying for the visa. And when you pick up your permanent titre de séjour, you will also need to pay a local tax.

  • Non-EU and non-UK Citizens

    Depending on your nationality and your age, you may be able to benefit from the working-holiday program. This program allows you to visit France for a period of more than three months, and up to one year, with the right to work during that time.

    To be able to apply for a working-holiday visa, your country or territory must have signed an agreement with France. Today, there are 15 countries or territories part of the program, which are listed here.

    You must meet the terms and conditions of the agreement regarding duration of stay and expected financial resources provided for in the agreement. For example, applicants must be, as of the date of request submission, between 18 and 30 years of age (i.e., until the day before their 31st birthday), except for: Argentina, Australia, and Canada where the maximum age is 35 years (up to the date of 36th birthday).

    Australian, Canadian, and Colombian nationals may file their visa application with the visa centre of their choice. Nationals of other countries or territories, must file their application with the visa centre in their country or territory of nationality. To find out if you're eligible and to start the application process, please click here.

How to Apply

Once you've picked your role then we'd love to hear from you. There'll be plenty of opportunity for questions along the way, but please don't hesitate to get in touch if there's anything you'd like to ask before starting the recruitment processes. Once you've decided it's time to apply, our recruitment process is as follows.

Recruitment Timescale

Step 1: Application Form

To begin, please complete the online application form here. If you are applying as a couple or a pair, please submit a separate application form for each applicant.

Step 2: Video Introduction

The next step is a few questions that we'll send over by email. If you could make a little video introducing yourself and answering these questions, then send that back to us.

Step 3: Skype Interview

If we think we might be the right chalet company for you, we will invite you to have a video chat with us, Jana, Ashleigh and Raph.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to chat before deciding whether one of our positions is right for you.

Let's do it!

If joining us for the summer 2022 season sounds like something you would enjoy, then we'd love to hear from you.

Please also download and read our Environmental Policy before applying.

Apply Now