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Improving our environmental impact with Ecolabel

Our Environmental Policy Mountain & Tradition

Raphael, Jana and Ash

Photo of Raphael, Jana and Family in the mountains in the summer - Promoting eco-friendly stay in Les Gets

Chalet Montagne Tradition and us - Jana and Raph from the beginning - and then joined by Ashleigh, have always been interested in joining eco-tourism, and great chalet holidays. Our aim has always been to have the best eco friendly holiday, without compromising the quality of our chalet package. Continuous improvement is at the heart of our business plan in the areas of productivity, working comfort, human resources, and sustainable development.

It is our core belief that it is not possible to design a mountain holiday without worrying about the environmental impacts. This ethos has been with us since the creation of the company, and even before from our childhood in the mountains. Our holidays must be consistent with the preservation of our landscapes and our biodiversity. This environment is not only our main source of income, but also our personal living environment.

What is Ecolabel?

Ecolabel is the european standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS). It provides a framework that an organization can follow, rather than establishing environmental performance requirements.

This management system is used to manage environmental aspects, fulfil compliance obligations, and address risks and opportunities. The main aspect of Ecolabel within a plan-do-check-act (PDCA) is to have continuous improvement - which fits well with our company ethic.

Ecolabel will give us a frame to go further in our approach and in our mind to always get better, it is involving improvements in all the following factors:

We have chosen Certification QSE to help us through this long process. Certification QSE is a certification consulting firm - they offer you support, internal and blank audits.

We have our personal advisor called Lauriane Moiraud. She is based in Morzine which allows her to know, as well as her knowledge of environment and certification, very well the local life and businesses. Lauriane is always available for us to keep improving the process and her knowledge is extremely valuable for us.

Working on Ecolabel - Mountain & Tradition Working on Ecolabel in M&T office M&T working on Ecolabel in the office Working on Ecolabel in Les Gets office

Our Environmental Policy

Since we first founded the company, improving our production systems and quality of service has been at the heart of the business. This is not only to improve the experience of our customers, but also the workplace experience of our team by creating easy-to-use and effective procedures which are applied throughout.

Our activities, however, have negative impacts on the environment. We have launched the environmental analysis plan and set ourselves the objectives of Ecolabel certification. As part of our approach, we now operate an environmental management system every day.

This enables us to improve our environmental performance permanently, and to fully implement all legislation in favour of the environment. Notable, we undertake to:

Finally, we are committed to using all the means necessary to actively communicate this environmental policy to our teams and our customers. We are committed to regularly communicating environmental policy objectives and action plans. Each of us will thus be able, in the context of our daily activities and the monitoring of our projects, to implement and apply the principles and actions defined in our environmental policy.

What is Les Gets resort doing for the environment?

Les Gets has long been aware of the importance of sustainable development and is continually working to improve its ecological footprint. You can find more on the official Les Gets Ecotourism page here.

What are our Partners doing?

Les Gets Chalets

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